Choosing the right match for betting is sometimes more important than giving the right prediction. Picking the right match is half the battle. Preliminary analysis of games will increase your chances of profiting in the long run.

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Criteria for Selecting Matches for Betting

Choose matches to bet on the following criteria.

1. Kind of sport

Most players bet on popular sports and top competitions. Football is traditionally considered the most popular sport for betting. In 2019, 38% of all bets were made on football. First of all, choose those sports disciplines you are well-versed in.

2. Teams, athletes

Reduce the potential list of clubs, in which you have taken into account the maximum of factors. For example, the results of the last ten matches, the statistics of head-to-head matches, the presence of personnel problems, the physical condition of the players, the weather conditions, the psychological state, etc.

Do not bet on matches that have not been thoroughly analyzed, or in which you haven’t taken into account all the factors.

3. Coefficients

A bookmaker analyzes competitions and puts the commission into coefficients.

A coefficient does not reflect the real probability of match outcome since the margin is included in it. Bookmakers adjust coefficients due to bettors, new information about the balance of power, or due to events during the match. If the coefficient for one outcome is constantly decreasing, then bettors have made a lot of bets.

4. Tournament motivation

The importance of the match for the team helps to better assess the chances of opponents.

For example, for a friendly match or the return match of a cup match, after a crushing victory in the first match, the favorite can play with the team’s reserve team. Thus, the original “sure thing” can turn into a risky one.

If the team needs to win by two or more goals in the playoffs of European competition, this team will attack, leading by one goal.

5. Betting markets

Look out for additional betting markets. For example, in a football match between a clear favorite and a hopeless outsider, the odds of winning the first one can be less than 1.15.

To increase your potential profit, you can bet on the favorite’s first goal, goals, corners handicap, and even advantage in possession.

How to Bet on Football?

1. Study statistics. Take into account the statistics of head-to-head matches between teams from the same division, their playing style, team form, personnel problems, and more.

2. Don’t blindly bet on favorites, especially during a guest match against a team that plays well at home.

3. Determine the probability of the outcome and the value of a bet on a specific outcome yourself, and then compare it with the bookmaker’s odds.

4. Do not bet on sporting events with your favorite clubs. Coming across your favorite team when selecting matches is especially dangerous since you’ll be biased.

5. Analyze betting statistics in test mode and make adjustments to the rules for selecting sports events for betting. Change your game strategy, if necessary.

6. With a pass rate of 70-80% at a distance, you can go in the red, while with 30% of the outcomes correctly guessed, you can be in the black.

Many things depend on the choice of matches for betting and odds. Thus, do not neglect bank management and money allocation strategies. To bet on football or another sport, conduct a comprehensive analysis. In addition to statistics, take into account the movements of the coefficients, the latest news, starting lineups, and expert opinions.

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