‘Held my hand twice, asked what I do fulfill sexual desires’: Indian woman alleges molestation by Pakistan embassy staffer

New Delhi: An Indian lady claimed that she was attacked by a Pakistan High Commission staff member. The lady claimed the Pakistan consulate official requested sexual blessings from her in lieu of conceding her a visa to venture out to Pakistan.

The lady told Times Now that the Pakistani authority held her hand and inquired as to whether she was hitched. She likewise affirmed that the staff member told her that they can wed multiple times, whenever exhausted.
Portraying her trial, the lady said, “I went to Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi in Walk 2021 and June last year.

I was approached to stand by in a parlor and afterward after at some point, I was informed that a visa can’t be conceded as the then Pakistan government was not steady as a no-certainty movement was passed against the then state head Imran Khan.

At the point when I was leaving the workplace, an individual, who distinguished himself as Asif, moved toward me and said that ‘I would have conceded a visa to you assuming you had come to me’ and requested that I return to the parlor and stand by there.”

The lady likewise asserted that the Pakistan consulate staff member asked her how she satisfies her “sexual craving”.

“He later called me to one more space in a similar hall and I stayed there. He (Asif) said that a visa official will drop by 2 pm. Then he began conversing with me in everyday about my visa prerequisite, and I continued to reply.

Then, at that point, he inquired as to whether I was hitched which was a conventional inquiry and I answered ‘no sir I’m not hitched’, then he inquired as to ‘why, what occurred?’ He then inquired as to ‘for what reason do you do to satisfy your sexual longing’. I got somewhat awkward,” she added.

“He additionally asked do you have someone to have intercourse with, do you have someone with whom you go out, could you at any point have an extra conjugal illicit relationship. I got up and requested that he call the visa official,” she claimed.

The lady additionally said that the Pakistani authority requested that she compose articles against India, Kashmir and State leader Narendra Modi.

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