TMS Therapy is a technique which electromagnetic induction to stimulate targeted parts of the brain. A specialist uses a coil to measure the connection between brain and specific body parts. If the connection is damaged, the specialist will use TMS Therapy to regenerate neural pathway.

However, more research suggests that this form of therapy helps treat clinical depression, anxiety or other similar psychological conditions. One of the pioneers in this domain is the TMS Health Solutions, company that dedicated their lives to help people with a mental condition.

On TMS Health Solutions

TMS Health Solutions is a team of individuals grouped around a singular purpose: helping people with mental conditions by using TMS.

Years of research and experience make the TMS Health Solutions the best option, for they offer patient-centered experience, helping the patient express their troubles and providing the best treatment for those problems.

There is a reason why the butterfly is their logo: a patient will transform themselves once they go through the treatment, and will finally be able to live their life fully.

Focus On The Patient
Psychiatry became more scientific and less humanistic and had put all the focus on the conditions and solutions, instead of the patients themselves.

In 2007 Dr. Richard Bermudes had an idea: he wanted to gather a group of people that will innovate, that will shift their focus from the disease to the patient, a person. Thus the TMS Health Solutions was born.

They gather new data on day to day basis, data from academic and scientific research, making sure their methods are up to date. They also worked out a deal with almost every insurance type and company, allowing everyone to receive the treatment they deserve.

TMS Health Solutions offer depression treatment and memory disorder services. Their most notable achievements are in the field of clinical depression. They apply TMS Therapy to stimulate patients brain, helping rebuild neural pathway and even encourage the regeneration of damaged parts of the brain.

The problem with depression is that most psychiatric institutions and professionals fail to treat it. Mild depression gets worse, ultimately transforming itself into treatment-resistant condition.

Treating Depression
TMS Health Solutions use FDA approved therapy methods when treating their patients. Because 40% of people with depression have treatment-resistant depression, they often have no one to turn to.

Well, sometimes conventional therapy, one that involves pills and regular visits to your psychiatry, fails. TMS therapy is, on the other hand, non-invasive, efficient and free of side effects.

Powerful electromagnet will monitor the part of the brain that controls mood and will send messages to your mind in the form of magnetic waves. Waves reach your brain and start reorganizing the neural structure, helping the patient.

On TMS Therapy
This therapy is safe, requires no sedation and lasts from 30 to 60 minutes, five days a week, 4 to 6 weeks. The best thing is the long-term benefits a patient receives from the innovative therapy.

This form of psychiatric therapy will undoubtedly become more popular in the future, as we better understand the way electromagnetic impulses affect our brain.

Visiting TMS Health Solutions is worth a shot, for their data demonstrates the effectiveness of their treatments.

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