The card game poker is not new to India as its traces can be found more than a hundred years ago, dating back to the start of the twentieth century. Gambling in general was a popular amusement activity for ancient kings and emperors of India. The common population also used to participate in numerous forms of gambling.

Before poker made its way in India, it had already arrived in several countries and cultures. Every country has devised its own set of rules and regulations to play poker; and therefore, they made some alterations to the original gameplay, which gave rise to different versions of poker. Interestingly, some names of poker are inspired by the countries where they were modified.

The most famous versions of poker that you will find in several Indian casinos are Texas Hold’em, Five Card Stud Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Pot-Limit Omaha.

Poker is not a recreational game anymore!

Poker is not just a leisure card game. You will find several poker experts in India who are making lakhs of rupees every month. This is not easy money because it takes a lot of time, strategies, and luck to earn money by playing poker.

Pro poker players don’t play for fun: they calculate their every move and base their every action on probabilities. They are skilled in evaluating probability and analyzing what their competitor is holding.

India is a populated country with people of varying skills and talents. This is why the Indian gambling market is flourishing at a great speed. Indian gamblers are using their strategies to play online games and earn money.

Is India a new hub for online poker? Let’s find out.

The bright beginning of online poker in India

India has become a promising market for online gambling. With the introduction of advanced technology and easy availability of the internet, the online gaming industry in India is flourishing tremendously.

It all started a few years back with the emergence of poker games into PC in single-player and arcade modes. In and around 2000, the use of smartphones drastically increased the popularity and availability of poker games to the common people. It was not later than 2007 that the online gaming industry saw an exponential roar.

Online poker is an innovative game so it attracted the attention of young and adult gamers alike. The current online gaming market of India shows the growing inclination of Indian players towards poker. Well, the online betting trend is not only limited to poker as Indians are actively engaged in betting on popular sports such as football, hockey, and cricket.  

Gambling laws in India

Going by the growing number of passionate online poker players in India, the gaming industry will likely grow manifold in the coming years.

The new India has however complicated gambling laws, which has made games of skills legal and games of chance illegal. This has drastically affected the growth of games of chance in India. However, the laws are stricter for land-based casinos.

The launch of Indian online poker websites

A lot of Indian poker websites have made their way on the internet to cater to beginners and poker professionals. Parimatch is a leading online casino, which is offering special bonuses and offers to its members. It also has an exciting tutorial to online poker game that will help players to understand the rules of this game better and to apply obtained knowledge on practice.

The Indian online gaming industry has been thriving and giving chances to Indian gamblers to try their hand at real money games. Even there are a few restrictions for Indian poker players: the Indian Government is gradually accepting the rise of online gambling. They have started making some amendments to their gambling laws, and soon we might see revised rules and guidelines.

Poker is an interesting card game. Since its inception, it has undergone many changes, giving rise to different versions of this game. Remarkably, Indian online casinos have included a basic version of poker and its different versions to offer a wide range of choices to poker players. Classic poker is evergreen and remains prevalent amongst poker enthusiasts.

Indian online poker: the lucrative gambling business

Considering the number of potential poker players in India, the gambling market looks like a buzzing poker hub.

It has been only two yearsfew decades since the progression of online poker in India and the country is already witnessing some of the best Indian online casinos. Parimatch is a leading online casino that lets punters participate in national and international poker tournaments. The cash prize of these tourneys is massive.

If you are a budding poker player and looking to build a poker career of your own, or you want to play for fun, sign up at Parimatch as it is a trustworthy and secure online casino for Indians.

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