Foundation and development of the Lifeasapa

Interview about the history of the Lifeasapa

The Lifeasapa is famous for its success in innovative research in the field of neural networks. Initially, it was a non-public project, which raised more and more questions from other companies and scientists.

The company was founded in 2013 by the best scientists who have dedicated their lives to the study of neural networks and innovative technologies. Their main goal was not just the development of artificial intelligence, but also the introduction of innovations into society. According to scientists, this will help to improve the lives of people, as well as commercial organizations. Many people wonder what the secret of the Lifeasapa is and how they managed to achieve such success. We managed to get answers to these main questions from the founder, Lee Kai-Fu.

Lee Kai-Fu is the head of the University of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and also one of the founders of the Lifeasapa. He devoted all his life to the development and study of artificial intelligence and to work with neural networks. The researcher said that he got into the world of science “spontaneously”, it was not his life goal, he just found himself in the activity in which he should be. It was in this area that he felt professional and personal growth, he liked what he was doing and this became his key to success.

According to Lee, everyone uses innovation for most of his life. This is what prompted him to develop artificial intelligence and create the Lifeasapa. Many people wonder why the company never publicly announced its researches, and the founder explained everything quite logically. Initially, the idea was to test the development and see if it would really be useful to people. The Lifeasapa scientists could not be sure that their plan would be one hundred percent successful, and they did not want to depend on public opinion. The plan was to carry out work according to a clearly outlined plan and check what would come of it. In case of success of the skills worked out for years, the company could present its developments to the whole world. This approach has become the key to success. The team of scientists did not announce anything, which gave them the opportunity to work based solely on their experience and goals. In a closed laboratory, a real story was created, which later rocked the world of science and opened new opportunities.

Lee Kai-Fu considers his team the biggest achievement of the company. He notes that people are the main resource, and the fact that they managed to form such a well-coordinated team of interested specialists is a real gift of fate. They did not have to wait for inspiration to start the work. They were able to support each other in case of failure. Each of the employees is a real professional in his field, who is not afraid of problems and works every day for the benefit of his business.

The main goal of the Lifeasapa team is not to change the approach to world science, but to contribute to it and leave its mark in history, not for the sake of glory, but for the benefit of the mankind. In the future, people will be able to use the company’s developments, which will greatly facilitate their life and make it better. Today, when the project has reached the global level and we can confidently talk about its success, the team has a new goal – to spread information about it to as many people as possible. In the future, there are plans to cooperate with Elon Musk and his famous SpaceX project.

The Lifeasapa’s contribution to world science

The Lifeasapa is popular among new, young companies. This is because it provides funding for startups. A large number of support programs are organized, as well as grant competitions that help young organizations to develop and make the name to the world for themselves. The motivation for these actions is explained quite simply – the idea of ​​the Lifeasapa founders is to develop world science, and this is what prompted them to look for opportunities to help other scientists who, in their opinion, can contribute to science no less than the largest organizations. They receive thousands of applications for grants, the task of the organizers is to choose the most promising, not missing one. Also, the laboratory continues to look for scientists. Everyone who comes to them with his idea does not go unnoticed. Those who wish to present something to the world can try to get into the team of the best scientists in the world.

Helping others and working not for the sake of money and fame is what made the Lifeasapa so successful. It did not have to chase luck or profit, the team of scientists just did what they believed in and what they saw fit.

Now you can often hear the opinion that artificial intelligence can harm people. Surprisingly, many people think so. It is rumored that with the active use of neural networks, many may lose their jobs, because computers will now do many tasks that people performed. Lee Kai-Fu explained that now machines can actually perform a series of actions instead of humans, but the technology has not yet been developed that could make AI think creatively or have strategic thinking. It is now impossible to say when the machine will be able to master the human type of thinking. If one day it will be possible to develop such a technology, this does not mean that people will stay without work. There are a huge number of areas where a human hand and brain are required. Perhaps a total change in activity will occur, which will be significantly different from those that we perform now.

About sponsors and advices for young companies

Many people want to know who sponsors Lifeasapa projects. It was rumored that one of the main investors was the founder of Renaissance Technologies, James Harris, but the founder, Lee Kai-Fu, completely denied this information. He said that they do not know their investors, because everyone could contribute to their business. All the money that was donated for the development of Lifeasapa projects goes to the development of science and projects, that is why every investor remains anonymous. The company does not need promotion, and will not allow others to get it at their expense.

For pioneers in the field of science who wish to follow the success of the Lifeasapa, the founder, Lee Kai-Fu, advised first of all to find experienced mentors or partners in the field in which they wish to develop. The choice of the area must be chosen thoroughly, it should not only be interesting to everyone, but also necessary. Anything can be improved, but whether this improvement will be useful is the main question that young companies have to ask themselves.

What to expect next

In the next five-ten years, artificial intelligence will become a part of every company. According to scientists, it will be used as actively as the Internet. This could completely revolutionize the entire world economy. Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, basic human needs will be satisfied much more efficiently, because every day we are actively working on so that the program can understand what we really need. In 30-40 years, people will not have to devote themselves to routine work. Development does not mean a decrease in workplaces, on the contrary, there may be more of them, because technologies can be developed endlessly, and this will always require human thinking.

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