Online gambling was officially legalized in all German states in July 2021. The new legislation placed requirements to be met for virtual games of chance like casino games, betting and slot machines. The aim is to ensure the protection of minors, protect players from fraud as well as a battle gambling addiction.

So before gambling operators can enter the German market, they will need an app development strategy. In this article from online casino, we will be listing a few features of successful online casinos.

A Responsive And Intuitive User Interface

If players need to get past multiple menus before reaching their goal, then the app’s user interface could be said to not be intuitive enough. According to a survey, 24% of users delete apps that are difficult to operate. To avoid sending their potential customers away, app developers should ensure that the app UIs are always easy to navigate. In accordance with the requirements, players should be able to view their account balance, and overview of all transactions and their game history at any time. This information should be made easily accessible for the players.

Multiple Modes Of Payment And Fast Payouts

Nowadays legitimate online casino apps always have multiple methods of payments available for their users. At a minimum level, users from Germany should be able to make their transactions by PayPal, credit card, online bank transfer and others. Upon winning a game, the users should be sent their winnings as fast as possible.

Comprehensive Security

For every Online casino app that gives and receive real cash, the users want assurances that their deposits will be safe, secure and their winnings will be genuine. They also want to be sure that their personal information, including payment data, are safe and secure from hackers. Impressive security has to be built with the games to ensure that the users will not be losing their cash for no reason.

Loyalty Programmes

According to a study, 96% of players changes gambling providers every year, with over one-fifth of players switching to different providers every three to five months. This is due to bonus offers, which has been the main force in attracting players across the world to play games with a certain casino platform. However, the requirement from GluSTV, states that gambling operators must not target their bonus campaigns at users that have been blacklisted, so they can be protected from addiction.

Impressive Customer Service

Legitimate online casinos should be free of bugs. Even without the availability of bugs, customers should be able to chat with customer service immediately, should the need for complaints about money arise while they were playing the game. Aside from an FAQ page, all online casino apps should have customer support available 24/7 via phone, email and online forms. Some online casinos also have customer service chatbots for minimal issues, just like casino games real money does.


All online casino apps should have their games come in different languages. While German and English will be the standard, having more languages available will help the app reach more audiences. However, gambling operators should watch out for poor translations, grammatical errors and unidiomatic language. They should make use of smooth translations.

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