Event Organising Checklist

Planning a small event for family, friends or loved ones can be an exciting thing to do, but what if you are going to schedule a huge event for your company? A grand family reunion or an alumni homecoming? Events can be a massive pain in the head if you cannot handle it well.

Events organising have several components to make it successful which even the best event planner would’ve spent a lot of years to master. Below are some tips and a clear and concise checklist for you to follow in completing your future event.


First, put on your checklist the date and time of the event. By doing this, you will see how much time you have to work on everything. Timing is crucial in planning an event. When you screw one up, it will be a domino effect, and you know what’s going to happen next.


Once you identify the event timeline, you must now know what idea the event requires. What is the event’s purpose? Will it be fundraising, grand reunion or anniversary? Get into these details as soon as you can so that you can plan ahead by finalising the suppliers and the essential decors are for the event.


The venue should be appropriate. It should fit the theme, the number of guests, the accessibility, will it be an outdoor type of pace or an indoor setup? These are the major things you need to think about whenever you choose and pick a venue. This factor will be excellent for your event’s success. Guests usually check the site whether it is convenient or not.


Finance is critical in the event’s overall outcome. People will notice if the event is under or over-budgeted. The extravagance, lightings, speakers, the overall feel of the event will speak for itself. You should assess all of the necessary add-ons for your event to be able to manage your budget correctly.


The suppliers in a particular event play a huge role in bringing your event to life. They are going to make it more pleasing, colourful and successful, but this is not always the case. Especially when you are not wise in choosing the right suppliers for your event, it might be jeopardized. Some suppliers do not deliver what is expected of them, and these are the types of suppliers you must filter during the selection phase.


When you have a little more extra with your budget, hiring a professional event planner won’t hurt; it will save you in a lot of aspects instead. These organisers are already experts in this field. They know a lot of suppliers that they can haggle a little, know how to manage your budget well, and they can help you book a location of your choice. They can do a lot for you, and you can save yourself time, effort and even stress because event organising is not that easy and cheap. A little help from an expert will cost you a little much more than the usual, but you will see how far that little extra goes.

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