COVID19 Immunity Saree of Madhya Pradesh

COVID19 or Coronavirus 19 has crippled the entire world. The ‘not visible to the eyes’ virus has shown us that nature is the greatest force. Anyways, coming to the viral news in India September is the immunity saree. The saree is said to protect you from the virus. The immunity booster saree by Madhya Pradesh Handicraft and Hand loom Development Corporation is the new sensation.

What is the secret behind this saree? The invention of this saree is from the discovery of ayurvastra mentioned in our scriptures. 

What is Ayurvastra?

Ayurvastra are fabrics treated in herbal and medicinal mixtures. This technique of dying clothes in medicinal mixture is mentioned in the Ayurveda. In the ancient times when fabric was spun with hands and clothes were made at home. The ancient people, the kings & the princesses, the yogis & the aristocrats and people of the stature used to wear ayurvastra. 

The clothes then we’re treated with plants and animal feces. Strange?

Let’s see the technique of manufacturing of immunity saree of Madhya Pradesh:

The herbs, other medicinal plants and spices are crushed together using mortar and hands. The spices used are cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg, turmeric etc. The crushed mixture is then tied in a cotton cloth and immersed in water. It is kept in the water for 48 hours. In this duration the water absorbs the qualities of the medicinal mix. After this the water is boiled. The cloth with the mix is put in the boiling water too. While the water is boiling the clothes are treated in the steam for 5 hours. 

The MP Handicrafts and Handlooms Development Corporation said that using the old techniques to crush the spices and herbs keeps the essence intact. Experts further added that grinding or crushing herbs and spices in the machines destroys its quality. 

MP handicrafts and handlooms commissioner, Rajeev Sharma said ” We have introduced the ancient immunity booster techniques in saree for now, but will bring it in other range of garments as well. The treatment of clothes in herbs and spices increases the price by 10%-20%, but most sarees are priced under 5000/-. The sarees are already available in the Mrignayani store in Bhopal.”.

Interesting right? 

The saree is available in Chanderi design and the bagh print will be out soon. The immunity booster saree.

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