Movies for teens are always fun and easy to watch. They sometimes carry a didactic or moral message, but it is almost always second to notice. And of course, movies for teens should be like it; after all, those are the best days of the life, and the movies should emphasize that. But, what happens when we take the fun and the jokes out of the movies and actually present you something useful; something that will help you shape your life from now on. We believe that there is more than teen movies that teens should watch. That is why we’ve created a list of classic movies teens should watch, and actually, learn a useful life lesson from. But, before we continue, make sure to hop over to EssayShark and take advantage of excellent writing service they offer. This way, all of your scool obligations will be done on time, and you will be able to enjoy the following movies, completely carefree.

10 Things I Hate About You

Okay, let’s start with an actual teen movie. 10 Things I Hate About You has all the characteristics of a classic teen movie; the high school setting, the social hierarchy at the school, the cool kids, the weirdos, and an unusual love story. However, this movie is not your ordinary teen movie. This one actually stands for something, or to be more precise, for feminism. 10 Things I Hate About You is probably the only teen movie from the 90s that actually has a female character that is strong, independent and outwardly feminist. In the wake of a new feminist revolution, the teens nowadays should definitely take a look and see how feminism is done properly in the movies. The characters in this movie are relatable, realistic and not to mention, hilarious. Did we mention that Heath Ledger stars in this movie?

13 Going on 30

Another seemingly silly comedy, 13 Going on 30 is actually a really layered and meaningful movie. You might not be completely impressed with this movie, but, give it a chance as it carries a really important message. This movie shows how we change and how we become the person we actually dread the most while in our teens. When you’re young, all you want to do is be successful, have money and finally be free to do whatever you want, without your parents nagging you all the time. However, over time we eventually get everything we want but also become mean and unhappy. That is basically the main outline of this movie; what are the priorities in life as a teen and as an adult, and do they really change with age? Even though you might not be a fan of such a movie, give it a watch and try looking underneath the silly surface. You might actually be surprised.

Shawshank Redemption

Shawshank Redemption is a life lesson in a movie. It might not be in line with the previously mentioned movies, but it is definitely a must-see. This movie is eye-opening, and provides an insight into the mind of people who seek solace and redemption. It is an excellent example of exceptional acting, mesmerizing and immersive storyline as well as a proof that morality can be sought through dialogue, not just actions. Sure, as a teen you may find this movie utterly boring, and why wouldn’t you? There are so many blockbusters and action films that are much more fun. However, this is the kind of movie that stays with you your whole life. Shawshank Redemption is a movie that will actually teach you something.

Saving Private Ryan

Many parents would probably disagree, but Saving Private Ryan is an excellent movie for teens.  It is a movie that will be a completely transformative moment in your life. You will ponder this movie days to come after you’ve watched it and it will change your life. It is a movie that acts like a revelation, a lesson on morality, human behavior, and psychology. Saving Private Ryan is a movie that opens up so many topics, raises so many questions and leaves you baffled for a long time. Teens should definitely watch this movie, not because it is famous and controversial for youngsters, but because it will help them build their personality and grow up into righteous and good people. They seem to be lacking nowadays, unfortunately.


Requiem for a Dream

Now, when you’re a teenager, you’re curious about a lot of things, drugs included. However, it is no longer enough just to say Hey kids, don’t do drugs. There needs to be something more striking, intense and completely eye-opening. Well, Requiem for a Dream is a great starter. This movie revolves around a story of four people whole lives and dreams shatter completely under their drug addition. But, the movie doesn’t romanticize drug addition, as we’re used to. It is a raw portrayal of the real effects drugs have on our health, mind, body, relationships, friendship and life overall. This movie is no joke, and some of the scenes will simply stay with you, probably forever. The star of the movie is Jarred Leto, whose performance is simply stellar. Overall, this movie should definitely be a must-see for teens around the world. It will not just tell you to stay away from drugs, but it will definitely show you and make you stay away from them.


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