Instagram started as an image-sharing app and website but has graduated into a leading social media channel for brand promotion and social media marketing. Brands that have created a business account on Instagram want their follower count to increase, which will lead to more likes, customers, and ultimately more sales. That is not all. It will also lead to more brand awareness and good brand recall.

The online fight for customers and followers is challenging and is getting tough! When you start, it is necessary to bag a decent follower count so that your profile appears appealing and credible to others. Drawing in organic followers might take time. The alternative here is to buy followers from service providers that enable you to do so based on your requirements. While the process is safe and secure, it is necessary to consider a few factors.

  • Buy a credible follower count

When you are starting your Instagram journey, it is necessary to have an impressive follower base to attract more followers and users. However, the count shouldn’t make your profile appear fake or unreal. Customers today are smart and know that a brand can’t attain an enormous follower count when they have joined Instagram until it is a leading brand. Hence, it is necessary to purchase followers in small amounts over a period or based on your requirements. For instance, you can real Instagram followers or more at a time. A gradual increase in followers will sync with your brand promotion activities and help you retain more followers. You need to keep track of the follower count you are gaining organically and decide on your purchasing amount. Also, ensure that you join hands with an expert service provider to provide you a reasonable deal and provide authentic service.  

  • Don’t join hands with too many service providers

You must stick to one or two service providers when you want to purchase Instagram followers. The online world is replete with several such companies, but not each one is authentic. You need to research extensively, read the client testimonials, connect personally to check whether the companies cater to your requirements, and then make a final decision. Ideally, you should join hands with one service provider, as the company would know your industry niche and cater to your requirements. Having too many service providers might work against you.

  • Connect with your followers

As you purchase more followers, you will attract others as well. They might post a comment, give you a mention in their post, or send you a direct message. You must connect with them by replying to their comments on a post or direct message. That way, you can justify the increasing follower count. It will also help you know the user perspective that can help you plan better social media marketing strategies. It will also help you create a loyal follower base other than the ones you are purchasing. 

  • Use Instagram features to share unique content

Once you have a steady follower base, you shouldn’t stop the Instagram SEO activities with the organic and purchased followers. It would be best to leverage Instagram features like IGTV and Instagram Stories to share exciting updates about your brand and insider story. You can also create live sessions or post video content to share informative content that will address and resolve your follower’s problems and queries. You can also post in the grid style to add to the overall appeal of your Instagram page.

  • Keep track of the follower count

At times, the company from where you purchased the Instagram followers might cease to exist or change a service policy. Some companies want their customers to renew the service package to retain the followers bought. Keeping track of the follower count will let you know whether you are losing existing followers. There are several metrics that you can use for this.  Once you identify the source of the followers that you are losing, you can decide whether to purchase a new set of followers or implement strategies to increase follower count organically.

Last but not the lease, stay away from scammers! The online world provides ample scope to explore your user engagement strategies on Instagram. Simultaneously, it exposes you to the risk of joining hands with unworthy service providers who would bill you a specific amount and not provide the service they committed. There have been several situations like this! Hence, take time to gather quality feedback about the service provider you want to opt-in for and ensure that you have a written contract. Get your legal team involved so that you don’t witness any loss. Caution and smart thinking will always save you from losing money and your brand reputation. Once you keep these pointers in mind, you can purchase Instagram followers without any hassle. 

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