Sherlyn Chopra revealed that when she met Anirban( KWAN talent agency co-founder ) for seeking his help to get good films, he had asked her if her breasts were real or fake, and wanted to touch them to confirm.

Actress Sherlyn Chopra on Tuesday took to her Twitter handle to expose KWAN talent agency co-founder Anirban Blah’s indecent behavior with her.

“He looked at me up and down all the time. I asked him, ‘What happened sir, am I not well-dressed?’ He said, ‘No, no. Are your breasts real? Can I touch?’ he asked,” revealed the actress.

“I was shocked. How can someone ask such a disgusting question? Whether real or fake, however they are, what’s your problem? You cannot talk to a lady like this,” she added.

“When I experienced things like these, I realized that in this industry, many are wearing masks of decency but put up indecent proposals,” said the actress.

In 2018, Anirban Blah was asked to step down from KWAN after four women accused him of sexual harassment during the #MeToo movement.

On Tuesday, Deepika Padukone’s manager Karishma Prakash from KWAN agency was summoned by the NCB in connection with the drug cartel case

So interviews of Sherlyn Chopra is surfacing online and is has garnered many views

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