A romantic proposal at the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in New York was hilariously upstaged when a cyclist crashed into one of the photographers taking pictures of the proposal

A video of a marriage proposal gone wrong has gone viral on social media.

Chris Vigo had planned to ask his girlfriend Angelina Rivera to marry him on Brooklyn Bridge.

A video of the moment shows that as Vigo was going down on one knee, a friend of his rushed to take a photograph.

However, the friend had positioned himself in the bike lane, prompting a cyclist to tumble over him, thus interrupting the proposal.


It also became viral in tiktok which was shared by the photographer Joshua Rosario aged 23 has received more than 1 million views on TikTok alone. It has also been shared heavily across other platforms

Chris Vigo, the man seen proposing to his girlfriend, Angelina Rivera, told Fox News he had planned the special moment a month in advance

“If you want a proposal to never forget come propose in NYC highly recommend,“ Vigo wrote, sharing the video of the proposal on Instagram.


Despite the interruption, Rivera accepted Vigo’s proposal and according to Fox News, the couple is set to tie the knot in 2021.

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