An incident took place in Argentina with a TV reporter called Diego Demarco. He was gearing up to start his live broadcast for the channel when a man snatched his phone and ran away as fast as he could in broad daylight.

The footage was posted on YouTube where Demarco, covering for the local channel called ‘El Vivo El Nueve,’ was getting ready to go live. As he was fixing his mask and turned slightly away from the camera, a man came in and snatched his phone. He ran as fast as he could with Demarco on his tail.

The entire episode was caught on live camera and the video of it is now making rounds on the internet.

Neighbours in the area on the outskirts of the city, including children, quickly ran after the man and the reporter praised them for returning his phone afterwards.

Footage shot at 8.49am on Tuesday shows Mr Demarco adjusting his coronavirus face mask before the robber appears and grabs his phone.

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