Every year, 4 cities of India come together to celebrate everything pop-culture and have the time of their lives. Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai experience an exhibition of entertainment, comics, cosplay, kick-ass merchandise and more. And while Comic Con claims to be the best weekend of the year, we set out to discover why. And speaking to tones of fans, we found this:


1. Comic Con has amazing Fan Experience Zones

If you are a movie buff, or love binging on popular series, you will get the opportunity to come and revive those stories at the multiple Fan Experience Zones at the Event. For instance, if you have children who would love to see uber-life-sized Minions or want to remind yourself of Sherlock Holmes, whose business it is to know what other people don’t know, there are zones set up by Sony Pix and AXN at the 2018 Comic Con in India.


2. Comic Con is the biggest exhibition of Comics across the World

Comics are where it all began for Comic Con and they are an integral part of the event. International comic book artists such as John Layman, Peter Nguyen and Declan Shalvey; and Indian Comic book artists such as Vivek Goel, Alicia Souza, & Abhijeet Kini are coming for the Delhi Comic Con 2018.  They will have their booths and anyone at the event can go and chat with them, to get creatively inspired. There are also several other entertainment guests like Sahil Shah who will be perform their sets at the show.


3. Comic Con has the most amazing merchandise to liven up your space

From crafted old record disks to cool biker paintings, from quirky T-shirts to super-hero collectibles, a stroll down the Comic Con alleys is as magical as Harry’s first time in Diagon Alley. And well, you might be able to pick up Harry Potter merchandise too. Comic Con has everything to help you give a make-over to your personal space.


4. Comic Con will give you at least one experience to brag about

From what we heard, once you experience the best weekend of the year, you will have at least one story to tell the world. And while we don’t know much right now, word is that “Winter is Coming” to Delhi Comic Con 2018. Sounds like a Games of Thrones fan needs to buy passes right now!


5. Comic Con let’s you lead a different life for a weekend

Have you ever imagined yourself as the protagonist of the story while watching a movie or series? Or perhaps the villain, no judgment! If you have, then Comic Con will let you live your wildest dreams. Cosplay is big at Comic Con and you are free to come dressed as any popular character you like. It pays to do that, because it is also the biggest Cosplay contest in the country, with prizes upto INR 50,000. Even if you don’t want to play dress-up, it is amazing to see Wonder Woman, Thanos and so many more characters walking around at the event. You could really just come and appreciate their art.

With all this and more, Comic Con does seem like the Best Weekend of the year to us. You should book your passes for the Delhi and Mumbai Comic Con for this year at comiccon.in!


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