Given the current technological advancements, the use of AI applications has become unavoidable in almost all firms. Artificial intelligence examples allows computers to perform tasks that could be performed by human beings. They mimic the mind of a human being. The best thing is that they are prone to minimize errors and help in saving time through automated processes. Below are examples of current applications of artificial intelligence that an individual can make good use of to run their businesses successfully.


Siri is an example of the available I applications that act as a virtual assistant. It mostly associated with Apple Inc. the application makes use of voice quarries and natural language user interface to answer the questions of the user. Given the changes in technology, voice typing has become one of the most commonly used ways of searching for information on the internet. Therefore, all that you need to do is open the application and ask any query that you would like to be answered. The application will, in turn, provide written or voice results depending on your preference.  The application has been incorporated with the various search engines to make it easy for an individual to search for the information that they are looking for successfully. The assistant would provide the user with suggestions of the best solutions to what they are looking for. From the provided results, it is the role of the user to decide whether the results are what they were looking for or not. The software adapts to the user’s preferred language hence making it convenient for use by different people across the world.


In addition, artificial intelligence applications are also taking advantage of the technology of driverless cars. Tesla is one AI application which has closely mimicked the technology of driverless cars. The application provides an advanced driver assistance system developed by the Tesla automobile company. It has the lane centering, self-parking, cruise control, and the ability to change lane features automatically. These have been desirable features by most drivers. Tesla autopilot qualifies to be an AI  application because the above actions are usually performed by human beings while driving a car. Therefore, the application has made use of the human driving abilities to come up with a computerized system that would perform such actions. Based on the changes in technology, then it is expected that similar applications will be developed. The automated processes have fewer chances of failure, and hence, it is a great application in the reduction of accidents. It also helps long-distance drivers since they do not have to strain in performing the automated actions. Users if the application has attested to it that it makes driving an easy task. It is convenient for use by individuals who find it difficult to perform the automated actions of the Tesla autopilot system manually.

John Paul

Customessayorder provides pre-written essays about some of the examples of AI applications. John Paul tops the list as the most potent AI application. The company, founded by David Amsellem is one of the predictive algorithms for client interactions. It is able to understand the desires of clients on an enhanced level in order to be able to provide them with a satisfaction strategy for such needs at an acute level.  The company is known to power the concierge services for the millions of customers by making use of some of the world’s largest companies such as Air France, VISA, and Orange. It was recently adapted by the Accor Hotels in order to enhance the quality of services offered to their clients. Based on the competition existing in the market as a result of technological changes, it is necessary for companies to adopt the current technologies that would enhance client interactions. Otherwise, the clients would be attracted to the companies that are already using such technologies.


Netflix is one of the most common movie platforms being used in the current world. The application is automated to enable the user to search for the films that have been made available in the application. It is available for download on various devices such as mobile phones and can still be used on the web. All that an individual requires in an internet connection, and they are able to enjoy the movies of their choice. The application also allows the user to download a movie in order to watch it later. Another important feature of Netflix is that it is automated to record the lastly played section of a movie. Therefore, if you pause your movie, you will be able to continue from that particular section. This means that you do not have to stress yourself to remember the lastly played section. Netflix is automated to that for you. That is the main purpose of an AI application; playing the role that could have been played by your mind. It is one of the common artificial intelligence examples in real world due to the popularity that it has gained in recent years.


The uses of artificial intelligence applications highly depend on the preferences of the user. Most people have an amazing interest in music, and therefore, Pandora is the best AI application for them. It is a streaming and automated music recommendation internet radio service powered by the Music Genome Project. Its service is available in the united states of America. Customessayorder provides pre-written essays explaining more details about the use of Pandora. The service is known to play the music that has similar musical traits. Pandora was founded in 2000, and therefore, it has been in the market for long hence making it one of the commonly used AI applications.

Concisely, the choice of AI applications depends on the kind of task that an individual intends to perform. With the current technological changes, better applications are expected to hit the market in the near future. It is necessary to fully understand the concept used in running an AI application before making use of it. The liability lies within the end-user rather than the developer. Therefore, take note of all the warnings and precautions that need to be taken before using any of the applications. Over the years, the developers have made changes on Pandora to ensure that it fits the current technological advancements. As a result, it has been able to stay relevant and competitive in the market despite the various applications developed to perform a similar function. Its loyal clients will continue using it as long as it meets their preferences.

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