5 Island Visits That Should Be on Your Bucket List

Traveling the world is a fantastic experience that can benefit you in many ways regardless of where you go exactly. Discovering new cultures and seeing the many wonders the planet has to offer is guaranteed to be a fulfilling pastime. However, there is something special to islands that you can’t find at “big land”. Islands, and especially island states are little worlds unto themselves. Visiting them will provide you with unique experiences that might change the way you look at the world and people in it.

Our planet has a multitude of such incredible islands, but the following five manage to outshine the rest each in its own way.

5 Amazing Islands You Must See Before You Die

  • Iceland

When you hear words “island vacation” you most likely envision some variation of palm trees, azure waters, and soft white sand, right? Well, Iceland is as far from a tropical paradise as it’s possible to get, even sandy beaches on this particular island are black. But it definitely must be on your personal bucket list of island destinations.

Black sand beaches are only one of the many natural wonders you can see in Iceland. Some of the other fantastic landscapes the island offers include volcanic deserts, glacial lagoons, ice caves, and you can get inside an actual volcano or take a hike over a glacier. That’s not even mentioning the unique Iceland wildlife.

Every inch of the island is breathtakingly beautiful, even the few cities there have their own special charm. You definitely need to see the magnificent Hallgrimskirkja Church and Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik.

  • Cuba

Cuba does fit the profile of a tropical paradise island and it should be on your travel list for the time when you want to enjoy the warmth of both nature and the people. You can arrive at this island and do nothing but relax at different beaches each day and even then your vacation will be a success. You’ll get to witness the glory of tropical nature, drink the best mojitos ever, and enjoy some delicious hot food between taking dips into the Caribbean. Do you need anything else to be happy?

If you do crave some more educational and entertaining experiences, Cuba’s got you covered. The best way to start discovering it is by taking free walking tours in Havana. This way you will see all the biggest attractions that the island has to offer. Although, every other big city in Cuba has its own set of interesting places.

While here you also need to take a ride in one of the many classic 50’s cars available on the island. And Cuban horse ride trips are something truly special. If you are into history, follow the steps of the Cuban Revolution that will take you all over the island.

  • Mauritius

Mauritius, of the Republic of Mauritius, is a small island off the coast of Africa. You’d never notice it on the map if you weren’t looking for it, but this tiny country has one of the highest Human Development Index rates in the region, which includes the entirety of Africa.

If nothing else, you should visit Mauritius only to see one of the most developed economies in this part of the world in action. This multinational and multicultural community will show you how anything can be achieved when people from all places and walks of life walk together.

While here you should admire the beauty of Black River Gorges National Park, Grand Bassin, and the amazing city of Port Louis.

  • Sri Lanka

Lonely Planet ranked Sri Lanka as the top country to visit in 2019. And it’s only been about 10 years since the civil war in the region ended ad actually traveling here became a safe possibility. Give this amazing place a few more years and it’ll be crawling with tourists like all most popular resort islands in Indonesia.

For now, however, Sri Lanka remains a relatively untouched land of multicolored wonders. Local culture is as vibrant as the marvelous gardens that surround magnificent shrines located all over the place.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful riot of color, sound, smell, and taste, all of which are exotic, alien, and endlessly fascinating. It’s a country where many cultures mix into a unique blend that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

While here, you should visit every natural attraction as well as Gal Viharaya and Dambulla Cave Temple.

  • Whakaari, New Zealand

Whakaari, better known as White Island of New Zealand, isn’t a place where you would be able to stay for a few days to enjoy sandy beaches and delicious foods. This island is an actual active volcano, which you can visit so you always have the best stories to tell on any reunion to follow. Who else would be able to beat that on the sheer awesomeness scale?

The entirety of New Zealand is full of amazing natural attractions, so be sure to discover as many of them as you can while visiting. And then, move on to discover its many hidden gems.

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