While it may be difficult to believe, gaming-related misconceptions still exist in today’s day and age. Even though at least one generation of young adults grew up with video games and understands how the technology works, older generations still give games the stink eye. 

Given that most games today are online, it is rather difficult to make a difference between gaming in general and online gaming. So, the common misconceptions listed below are about gaming in general, with emphasis on the ones that have an online playing mode. 

#1: It is a Waste of Time

We’ve all heard this from our parents, well-intended friends, relatives, acquaintances, strangers, policymakers, and so on. In their opinion, online gaming is the equivalent of spending a few hours a day doing nothing and staring at a screen. 

But several studies proved that video games are extremely stimulating for the brain. Furthermore, with the development of VR and AR technology, games will become more active and have players actually move around and perform physical tasks in the real world.   

Lastly, video games can be used to develop new skills, become more social, and engage in simulations of real situations which can improve an individual’s overall behavior and skillset. 

#2: It Encourages Violence

This is yet another phrase we hear quite often, and lately, it’s been connected to unfortunate events in schools. Still, there is no shred of evidence to support this allegation. While it’s true that young children should not be allowed to play games out of their age rating, studies show that games don’t encourage violence.

#3: Only Unemployed People should Play Online Games

Online gaming of any kind is widely considered an activity for children and teenagers. So, whether you enjoy breezy social games like Candy Crush or some online gambling on a site like Casumo Casino, people will judge you at some point.   

According to this misconception, people who have jobs and responsibilities don’t have time to waste on silly things like gaming. However, it was proven that playing games can be relaxing and calming, which is something stressed adults need in heaps.

#4: Gamers Don’t Have Friends or Social Skills

Most people who don’t understand the concept of playing video games online think that all the players are lonely teens, living in their parents’ basement, eating chips all day long. These are the kids that never got to play outside and make friends. 

But, the idea of being online is that you can connect with other people from all over the world. Furthermore, gamers can be part of strong communities, where they get to meet likeminded people, make friends, and talk about their interests.  

#5: No One Pays for Virtual Goods

If you don’t usually play video games, it is difficult to understand why someone would pay real money for something that’s useful in a virtual land. But gamers don’t think like this, which is why the industry of virtual goods is incredibly well developed and booming.

In fact, because people pay for virtual goods and level-ups many online games are free to play. This way, anyone can join and have fun, but if they want to move through the levels at a faster pace or they want a certain ability for their character, they have the option to purchase it. 

Wrap Up

Overall, online games are not a bad habit or a waste of time. They are entertaining, challenging, and interesting for people of any age and they are not going anywhere! While it’s true that some players may have some issues with addiction, this way of spending free time is less damaging than watching TV or binging on several seasons of your favorite show on Netflix. 


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