Salesforce is the world’s leading company that provides customer-relation management (CRM) services. Moreover, it has its own certification program that measures the professionals’ skills to work with the self-titled CRM platform. If you are interested in managerial or administrative positions, you should consider going for any Salesforce certificate. Nowadays, Certbolt Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM platforms that is being adopted by many companies all over the globe, and being able to work with it increases your chances of getting an exciting job. Here we a going to give you a brief overview of the credentials provided by this vendor and their peculiarities.

Salesforce Certification Paths

The Examsnap first thing you need to understand about the Salesforce certification program is that it has several categories depending on the role one is going to pursue. These include the Administrator, Consultant Developer, credentials, etc. Each of these paths incorporates a wide range of certificates for the narrow specialists. Below you will see a short description of all these categories and who they are intended for.

Administrator: The Examsnap Salesforce Administrator credentials are designed for those who are able to determine the requirements, customize the platform, and allow the users to take all the advantages of Salesforce. This certification path includes the following badges: Administrator, Advanced Administrator, CPQ Specialist, Marketing Cloud Administrator, and Platform App Builder.

Architect: The Salesforce Architect certificates incorporate the certifications that validate advanced knowledge and skills required to work with the Salesforce platform. These are Application Architect, B2C Commerce Architect, Heroku Architecture Designer, System Architect, and Technical Architect visit 

Developer: The Examsnap Salesforce Developer certifications are intended for the specialists who have expertise to extend and customize applications on the Lightning platform. There are 6 credentials within this path: B2C Commerce Developer, JavaScript Developer I, Marketing Cloud Developer, Platform App Builder, Platform Developer I, and Platform Developer II.

Marketer: The Salesforce Marketer badges are designed for the experts with experience in managing successful marketing campaigns to achieve high customer satisfaction. The path comes with the following certificates: Examsnap Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, Marketing Cloud Administrator, Marketing Cloud Developer, Marketing Cloud Consultant, Pardot Consultant, and Pardot Specialist.

Consultant: The Salesforce Consultant certification track contains the biggest number of credentials: Community Cloud Consultant, Education Cloud Consultant, Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant, Field Service Lightning Consultant, Marketing Cloud Consultant, Nonprofit Cloud Consultant, Pardot Consultant, Sales Cloud Consultant, Service Cloud Consultant.

To earn any of the certificates mentioned above, one needs to pass one specific exam. Some certifications serve as prerequisites for the credentials of the upper level. Visit Trailhead (the official learning platform) sponsored by Salesforce to find out more about each badge and the requirements for being certified.


These were some of the main things that you need to know about various Salesforce certifications. Each of these credentials is designed for a specific group of individuals and that is why you should be careful when you decide on what certificate to go for. Also, bear in mind that the Salesforce exams are not easy to crack without proper preparation. Use reliable study materials to get ready for your test. You can benefit from the training tools offered by the Trailhead platform or search for exam dumps and practice tests available on the Internet.

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