You’re visiting Bangalore. You’ve got your guidebooks, your spare outfit and even your inflatable neck pillow, but do you have a way to deal with travel inconveniences such as a late taxi that might ruin your well-planned trip? Missing your flight on a business trip or a family vacation – we’ve all been there. During such situations, you wouldn’t want to risk missing your flight with a cab. That certainly is not an ideal way to start a work trip or a vacation. This is where renting a Self-Drive Car at airport drop in Bangalore is your best bet. You can book the car in advance and pick the vehicle or get it delivered to your doorstep as per your choice and start from your place whenever you deem fit.

The self-driving car industry in India is not that new. It has existed for some time now, but the market has only started to see a lot of action over the past couple of years. There are a lot of car rental companies in Bangalore, and with time many new rental companies are coming in the market.

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Among Bangalore’s most credible and cost-effective self-driving car services is Zoomcar. They offer a wide selection of vehicles in the categories Zoom Lite, Zoom Regular and Zoom Xtra, where you can choose a self-drive car based on short-term and long-term travel and price. There is a specialized zoom car service for the airport as well, known as ‘Zoom Air’. Under Zoom Air service, they provide airport cars to help you travel seamlessly after getting out of an airport or while going to the airport. If you’re a business traveller who frequently makes work trips to different cities, then an airport car service is an easy option than a taxi to travel to the city.  There are so many reasons to opt for self-driving cars. Privacy, comfort, and low-price are just a few.

Here are some advantages of switching to self-driving cars from taxis:

  1. Enjoy Privacy on the Move

When you book a cab from the airport, you are driven by an unknown driver. It is not breaking news that the unknown driver might snoop over all your conversations, give you unnecessary attention, making you uncomfortable. Nothing is more embarrassing than a lack of privacy on the road, especially if you’re traveling with family or want to make important business calls. We could all use a little quiet. Right?

You need privacy and comfort when you’re going anywhere but especially when you are trying to catch a flight. A drive in a comfortable SUV or a relaxing sedan gives you plenty of room and space to do what you want without running the risk of being overshadowed or getting late. That is why a self-drive car at airport in Bangalore can be an excellent option for you.

  1. Take Your Safety a Notch Higher 

Another reason why you should rent a self-drive car instead of a taxi is for better safety. Drivers are one of India’s most overworked and lowest paid people. So, you can be sure that your driver is exhausted and not 100% alert most of the time.

Besides that, you must have seen cab drivers over speeding or driving rashly.  Especially when you book a taxi when travelling to Bangalore airport, your driver can end up arriving late or driving too fast. This proves how much safer you can be when you are in control of your self-drive rental.

  1. Take Benefits of Cost-Effectiveness

In addition to the convenience of self-drive rental cars like Zoom Air, the cost compared to that of a taxi is another major plus point in favour of self-driven travel. Unlike the widespread belief that rental cars are unaffordable, Zoom Air in India offers self-driving vehicles at less than half of what a taxi or cab service would charge you for a similar distance.

Most of the car rental companies in Bangalore don’t even keep a tab on the fuel used. Few have a clear policy of keeping a full fuel tank (that is, when the car is sent to you, the tank is full). If you refill fuel, then the self-rental companies will pay you back for the same while Zoomcar rental services has both ‘with fuel’ and ‘without fuel’ option to choose from while renting a car.


So, the next time you want to go on a holiday driving in a luxurious car or to drop someone off at the airport, rent it. Avail service provided by car rental companies such Zoomcar to drive to the airport without worrying about being late or arriving in a grumpy mood. Start your trip on a bright note with booking a self drive car at airport in Bangalore.

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