13 Things Girls Do That Make Guys Realize They’re Wife Material

1. She knows what she wants to do with life and her future is planned.


She is intelligent, smart and she knows what she wants to do with life.


2. They do these cute things which makes you go crazy for her.


3. She knows exactly how to turn around an otherwise crappy day.




4. She is your best friend forever.

More than a girl friend or wife, she has always been your best friend.


5. They let a guy be himself.


You love Xbox!  Me too…  🙂


 6. She is your biggest fan always

They are your biggest fan and first to admire you.


7. She is always there when you need support


8. You don’t see the world when she is with you


9. She knows how to cook all your favorite food

Just the way you like it baby


10. She stand out from all other women.

She is unique and she never goes un-noticed from your eyes.


11. She knows what you like more than yourself


12. She is your mom’s sweetheart.



13. She’s beautiful on the inside and out

Her beauty is more than skin deep. Every time you see her it’s like the first time, you’re crazy about her.

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