If you are ruining about how you have not been able to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 yet, a Taiwanese man was made to sell off his PS5 because it wasn’t an air purifier as his wife expected.

The PlayStation 5 has been hard to get your hands on for many people, particularly fans and gamers in India who do not even have a launch date for the much-coveted console yet. But perhaps you are still better off than this poor Taiwanese man who was made to sell off his new PS5.

The console has officially been launched worldwide and a user called Jin Wu in Taiwan picked it up for a sweet discount. Reportedly, the first buyer had picked up the PlayStation 5 and essentially fooled his wife into thinking it was an air purifier. The PS5’s design is quite unconventional and looks quite similar to a few ‘fancy’ air purifiers in the market, given the size of the product as well as the colour. Jin Wu, the buyer decided to speak to the seller on the phone and was surprised when hearing a female voice on the other line and found the console to be cheaper than other listings online.

There was a sad story that deserved to reach the masses and that is exactly what Jin Wu did. Taking to his social media handles, the man said that the buyer had lied to his wife to buy the console. Apparently, he had told her that it was an air purifier. Although the white and black gaming console does bear similarities to an air cleaning machine, he had played a dangerous bet thinking she would not notice

Jin Wu said that the sale had been suspicious from the start as there was a woman on the line and she did not “seem” to be a gamer.

Also, the console was being offered at a lower price than what could be seen online. When Jin Wu went out to buy the product, a middle-aged man had come, someone who passed as a gamer, according to our narrator.

Then Jin Wu asked where he found the console. To this, the man replied by saying, “Pchome” which is a major Taiwanese online marketplace. Next Jin Wu posed: “Oh, you’re really quick at reserving the console” and asked if he had booked two consoles and that was the reason he was selling one.

This led to the man revealing that it was his wife who wanted to sell it. Although he had secured to buy the console despite high demand, as soon as his wife figured out that he had lied to her about buying an air purifier, she made sure that the gaming console was out of the picture and hence the lowered price sale

Well, the sad incident proved to be beneficial for Jin Wu as he managed to bag a brand new console at a cheaper price. The release of PS 5 has seen unprecedented demand and Sony had earlier revealed that it witnessed its “biggest console launch ever” with PS 5 and it will be adding more PlayStation 5 inventory for retailers before the end of the year.

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