Almost 2 years of pandemic restrictions across the world have increased the popularity of the iGaming business significantly. Even after some bans were lifted, many people kept their devotion to remote entertainment. Convenience played a major role in deciding between online or ground and is expected to improve even more.

In 2022, it will be complicated to predict what will change due to the experience with the Coronavirus. Meanwhile, considering the situation in the industry, the trends of the previous years are expected to continue developing, with new achievements joining them along. Learn about the new trends from the Gaminator3 team.

Further Transition to Web Entertainment

The change in user behaviour has had a significant impact on the development of the iGaming sector. 2020 and 2021 became a turning point for a lot of operators around the world. A huge rise in the number of players is also expected to continue in 2022.

The main findings on the changed user perception of iGaming:

  • an increasing number of people are downloading entertainment apps from Google Play and App Store on their smartphones;
  • the growth in social games is expected to continue on such media platforms as Facebook;
  • more users will imply higher earrings for operators as well as governments of countries and their treasuries;
  • older content will receive additional attention due to the particular interest in the history of iGaming from newcomers.

Popularity of Cryptocurrency

Digital money has been experiencing rapid progress along with online games. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lithium are already actively used on gambling sites. Players prefer this method of depositing and withdrawing due to its reliability and complete anonymity.

As of the end of 2021, more than 300 gaming sites and bookmakers are officially accepting BTC and other cryptocurrencies. While many operators are still waiting for the official legalisation of digital funds by legal entities, hundreds more organisations will likely add or switch to cryptocurrencies in 2022.

New Working Zones

The year 2021 became an introduction of the official iGaming sphere in such countries as the Netherlands, Ukraine, Greece. This trend is going to be preserved next year due to solid advantages for the territories where it is adopted. The closest country to opening its doors to the official registration of gaming sites is Taiwan. Operators are patiently waiting for the opportunity to start attracting punters lawfully in this region.

A lot of jurisdictions have already felt the benefits of online casino legalisation. While this is a great opportunity for users to enjoy quality content, the governments of countries replenish their treasuries by imposing taxes. For gambling operators, this is a chance to expand brand awareness and cover new audiences.

Virtual Reality Involvement

Online gaming establishments are equipped with innovations for a few years ahead thanks to VR technologies. Numerous casino software providers have already submitted dozens of fully functional systems. Besides, a lot of brands rely heavily on virtual reality due to its particular success in cybergaming.

VR entertainment providers that will be in high demand in 2022:

  1. NetEnt. A team of experienced developers has already introduced dozens of orders with the help of their state-of-the-art technologies. The elaborated software is compatible with portals that offer regular entertainment or a completely new platform based on virtual reality.
  2. Microgaming. An initial introduction of branded VR components took place in 2016. A successful launch caused subsequent releases of new entertainment on a regular basis. The year 2022 will not be an exception and is expected to be fruitful for innovative gaming opportunities from the company.
  3. CasExe. The organisation was one of the first to launch a VR game. Today, it offers interactive story-driven titles that make an accent on gambling mechanics. Plot-based amusement is seen to be one of the most successful in 2022, so the studio will have even more orders.

AI and ML

Advanced systems and mathematical algorithms have been used in online gambling for years. However, their role has recently increased. 2022 will continue this software trend of focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

These 2 notions are heavily used while analysing customer behaviour to improve the appeal of products. Programs based on artificial intelligence have been particularly helpful in identifying users with gaming problems and preventing further development of obsession.

Smartwatch Wagering

An initial idea to use these devices in iGaming was introduced in 2014. However, due to limited technical possibilities, it was not ready to be implemented widely. In 2022, as the affordability and functionality of smartwatches have increased, more content is becoming available.

This year will still be one of the first attempts to propose gambling on devices smaller than phones. So, to make games work better on smartwatches, developers will have to create custom applications to solve the UI issues.

Demand for Aggregators

The impressive advantages of starting an online casino business in 2022 give a reason to believe new entrepreneurs will join the industry. An individual elaboration of a gambling portal is possible, but lack of experience can prevent from achieving the desired result.

The Gaminator3 system is an excellent turnkey solution from a long-standing aggregator. It includes a complete setup of the functional platform with subsequent guidance for boosting the operation.

Further details can be retrieved from the customer support of the company.

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