What is an Odometer Rollback? – All the Information You Need

Odometer rollback implies the process which includes reprogramming the mileage in some way. You could reset the trip meter and dial in the desired number, or reverse thousands of miles in a matter of seconds. Either way, it’s considered to be tampering and it usually comes with consequences. In the US, clocking (i.e. rolling back) the odometer is one of the federal offenses. Regardless, mileage correction remains a prominent issue worldwide. The reason is simple – car-owners are trying to increase the value of the vehicle they are trying to sell. Not only does it force the customer to pay more for something that’s worth way less, but it also results in higher maintenance costs due to the issues associated with high mileage. Instead of employing the mileage correction tool, it’s more beneficial to purchase the mileage blocker from SuperKilometerFilter.com. That way, you’ll be able to test your car easily. Let’s get started!

What does the mileage blocker do?

The mileage blocker from SuperKilometerFilter.com isn’t the same as the mileage correction tool. It’s a premium device that has one purpose – it’s meant for testing the functionalities of your vehicle. Instead of programming the existing mileage, it prevents your car from counting and recording the miles it travels.

A mileage blocker is an ethical tool that you should use in a controlled environment. Some people activate it while driving on public roads which is, of course, an unethical activity. You should always utilize this unit for its intended purpose. 

How is the mileage stopper different from the odometer rollback tool?

Unlike the mileage stopper from superkilometerfilter.com, the odometer rollback tool can change the mileage on your car. It’s software that can rewind the mileage no matter how high it is. Unfortunately, it’s an unethical unit that people mainly use for committing fraud.

Moreover, the odometer programmer isn’t untraceable. It’s as easy to discover its effects as it is to change the reading. You can detect those discrepancies with diagnostic equipment or have a professional checkup. The mileage blocker, on the other hand, affects the control units, which means its effects are impossible to discover even with electronic equipment.

Just remember that you should use this tool for testing the performance of your car.

The odometer blocker is made for your vehicle

The odometer blocker from superkilometerfilter.com is made for the make and model of your vehicle. Its specs are tailored to the features of your car, making sure that it works exactly as it should. The chances of malfunction are quite low due to such attention to detail. 

The kilometer stopper is tailored to your needs

The kilometer stopper from superkilometerfilter.com operates in various modes. This means that you can select the one that suits your needs at that particular moment. You can halve the mileage or stop recording altogether – it depends on your preferences. The main thing to remember is that you should only utilize the kilometer stopper for its intended purposes.


Now that you know what the odometer rollback is, you’ll understand your car slightly better. But if you want to grasp all the specs it has, you should purchase the mileage blocker and test its functionalities effortlessly.

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