Have You Ever Wondered What If The Avengers Were From South India And You Can Hire Them

After the immense success of ‘If Batman Was From Chennai’ Put Chutney is back with a brand new video, ‘What If Avengers are from South India’... This will surely get peeps on a laughter riot…

Ever wondered if superheroes really have a place in south India? Considering that we never get attacked by aliens or need super-heroes to save us from imminent threats, how will they find alternate Employment?

Like this?
What if The Avengers were from South India

May be like this through an app?
The Avengers Shield App

You can hire them as individual or as a team – Check out their rates in the video below
Please give them some odd jobs

Providing some serious comic relief from these questions is none other than Director Fury Jaganath, who is played by Veteran Tamil Film and Actor Mano Bala. Director Fury and his team of hard-working south stars Cpt. America Return, Iron Man / Andhoni Ithyanath Starch, Giri Thor, Hulk / Pachaippa, Loki / Lokesh and Hawkeye/ Kakai have a new initiative in the making and saving the world might just come in the way!

All You Answers In This Awesomely Hilarious Video By Put Chutney

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