Around 60 fishermen in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram released an endangered Whale Shark back into the sea within minutes of it getting caught in their net

In a rare sight, around 60 fishermen in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram on Friday released an endangered Whale Shark back into the sea after it got caught in their net.

With a cyclone warning, the fishermen could not venture out into the deep sea and some were fishing near the coast. It was during this time that a giant Whale Shark got caught in their net, and was eventually released into the sea.

“There were around 60 fishermen who made a lot of effort to free the Whale Shark. Initially, they thought the shark would not be able to swim back, but after two efforts the Whale Shark made its way into the sea. When I reached the spot, the shark had started swimming back. It was a very special moment for all of us who witnessed it,” Ajith Shanghmukham, who shared the video on social media.

“Beginning the morning with good news from the #Kerala. A #whaleshark caught in the nets was freed by fishers. The third instance in this state following the start of @wti_org_india project here. I have announced a special award for them,” wrote wildlife conservationist and Chief Executive Officer of Wildlife Trust India Vivek Menon while sharing pictures of the rescue.

Several pictures and videos of the rescue were shared online, with netizens lauding the fishermen for their gesture in releasing the whale shark, which is an endangered species.

Since being shared online, many have commented on the post and praised the fishermen

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