In a chilling video, which has gone viral on social media, Two Russians almost fell to their deaths after a precariously positioned cliff-edge swing broke. The duo was taking a ride on the swing, which hung about 6,300 feet above sea level. The swing, which hung from the overhead precipice of the cliff, suddenly tumbled after one of its chains snapped.

The incident was captured on video and occurred in the Sulak Canyon in the Russian Republic of Dagestan, on the western shores of the Caspian Sea. 

As the chains snapped, the swing tilted completely to one side. The women, who were not wearing any safety harnesses, went flying down the cliff face. Fortunately, instead of landing on the ground many thousand feet below, they landed on a wooden platform just a few feet below the cliff edge.

The two women landed on the platform and sustained bruises and scratches. The shocked victims were quickly pulled back into safety by family and bystanders. 

The local authorities are also looking to remove the swings, which were built and operated without proper safety standards. 

The Sulak Canyon is 63 meters deeper than the Grand Canyon in the US and 620 meters deeper than the Tara River Canyon in Europe.

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