Bangalore, November 28th, 2018 – In the bottomless pit of Bollywood masala and entertainment, Ajay Chanam is an independent voice from India, a Singer, Songwriter and Composer, scratching the surface of the glass ceiling that has road blocked the independent music industry in the country.

‘In My Voice’ is AJ’s latest and first cover songs series that will cater to his fan base across the globe, featuring popular English and Hindi rock songs. AJ has launched the series with all-time hit number of the English band U2, ‘With or Without You’ on all his digital media channels.

Ajay Chanam has released his three singles, ‘Yeh Pal’, ‘Choona Hai Mana’ and ‘Fly Away’ from his first album on MTV Indies and VH1 and is the only independent artist from India, on Vevo. AJ is currently producing his album and simultaneously following other pursuits of filmmaking and spearheading India’s premium independent record label, Half Step Rock, helping other independent artists come to the fore.

Speaking on the launch, Ajay Chanam – “For an artist the state of gratification is to stay connected with his audience and his art. While I am producing my original album, launching this cover music video series is a way to keep churning out continuous work for my fans across countries and keep experimenting and reinventing my music.”






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