Visually Impaired petition Zomato and other food delivery apps

The challenges of the pandemic and the lockdown saw a significant shift in technology use, with more people going digital. However, for the visually challenged, the transition hasn’t been that easy.

Aziz Minat, a 29-year-old banker, is 100 percent visually challenged and cannot see at all. He lives on his own in Ahmedabad, he tends to rely on food delivery apps quite a bit.

Aziz started a petition asking Zomato to improve its accessibility for people like him.

Zomato replied in just over a month, assuring him it would look into the matter. Aziz said, to his surprise, they did improve their technology making it a smoother experience for him.

Aziz started a similar petition, asking Swiggy to do the same.

The problem people like Aziz face in using apps or websites is that they need to be enabled to work with a screen reader. A screen reader, as the name indicates, reads out loud the text. While for someone with no particular visibility issues, the app experience is a mix of reading the descriptions and looking at the photographs, a visually challenged person relies on the text being read out, including descriptions of the photos.

To this end, apps need to come with in-built text descriptions of all aspects of the platform.

It isn’t just Zomato and Swiggy; visually challenged users say the experience is sub optimal across many other apps.There are hundred and thousand of nimat out there , companies should be more aware for people who are facing difficulties in accessing mobile applications like visually impaired people

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