The US has welcomed the addition of Masood Azhar to the UN 1267 ISIL and Al Qaeda Sanctions list.



Maulana Mohamad Masood Azhar Alvi.

“The United States welcomes the addition of Masood Azhar to the UN 1267 ISIL and Al Qaeda Sanctions list,” a statement by a spokesperson for the US Mission in the UN said on Wednesday.

“This listing requires all UN member states to implement an assets freeze, a travel ban, and an arms embargo against Azhar. We expect all countries to uphold these obligations.

“Jaish-e Mohammed (JEM) is a United Nations-designated terrorist group, and Azhar, as the founder and leader of JEM, clearly met the criteria for designation by the United Nations.

“The JEM has been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks and is a serious threat to regional stability and peace. We appreciate Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s stated commitment that Pakistan, for the sake of its own future, will not allow the operation of militant and terrorist groups from its territory,” the statement read.

“We recognize initial steps taken by the Government of Pakistan in this regard. We look forward to further and sustained actions from Pakistan as outlined in its National Action Plan, and consistent with its international obligations,” it added.

In a huge diplomatic victory for India and a blow to Pakistan, the UN Security Council on Wednesday declared Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist, a move that was being blocked by China for nearly 10 years.

Soon after the sanctions committee that deals with Al Qaeda and its affiliates voted on Pakistan-based Azhar’s designation placing him under stringent sanctions that includes a freeze on his assets and travel restrictions, Pakistan announced it would comply with the mandate.

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