Darren James, a real estate agent from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was in for a surprise when he found that his bank had deposited a whopping Rs. 3.7 Lakh crore  in his bank account.

When James spoke to a news agency, he said he knew this was an error and that the money wasn’t theirs. James contacted Chase Bank and informed them of the mistake. He said,“It was a great feeling while it was there to see that many zeroes in your account. It was pretty neat to see what it looked like,” said James. 

The bank has reversed the transaction, but the James family have not been informed as to why exactly the error occurred. A Chase Bank Spokesperson told a news Network that the bank had a technical glitch over a week ago. The technical glitch affected a limited number of accounts in the bank and the issue has been resolved. 

The Spokesperson revealed that the impacted accounts are now showing accurate bank balances.. The bank investigated the matter and reversed the transaction, but did not give any further explanation of where the money came from.

In the midst of all this. The couple ensured to take a screenshot of the same to remember their once-in-a-lifetime billionaire feeling.

If luck was on his side, Darren had planned to use that money to help others and undertake charitable work including a children’s hospital. Speaking to a news publication, he said, “There’s enough greatness in this world where we can all have a life we never thought was possible so if I did  Rs. 3.7 Lakh crore l I would bless others.”

Such errors may occur on the bank’s part, it’s important to inform the bank about the error. One might face criminal charges if they use the money that doesn’t belong to them. On being informed the bank reverses the transaction.

In a similar incident, a woman in Florida was reportedly surprised to discover $999,985,855.94 in her account. Julia Yonkowski went to her local Chase Bank in Largo on June 19 to withdraw some money, but she first decided to check her account balance. She was stunned to find that she had $999,985,855.94 in her account. Julia told WFLA that she was horrified when she found a banking mistake that made her nearly a billionaire.

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