Videos released by the German government have humorously praised the nation’s couch potatoes as the country battles a second wave of coronavirus.

The first advert, entitled “#specialheroes – Together against corona”, depicts an elderly man looking back on the winter of 2020.

“The fate of this country lay in our hands,” he says. “So, we mustered all our courage and did what was expected of us, the only right thing.

“We did nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

The federal government has said the comical videos are a clear message to the public that reducing contact with others is vital in preventing the further spread of the virus.

Our couch was the frontline and our patience was our weapon,” the first ad says.

The German Govt’s latest Corona advert – now subtitled in English. Quite good.

— Axel Antoni (@antoni_UK) November 14, 2020

A second video features his girlfriend, while a third depicts a man looking back at his days gaming during lockdown.

People praising this kind of unique ad. Campaign.

Germany has reported 10,824 new cases in the last 24 hours, with 62 deaths. The overall death toll now stands at 12,547.

The country is already under partial lockdown, with bars, restaurants and entertainment venues shut

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