One guy keeps Harassing 2 women continuously in Public, what happens will leave you speechless. [ Please Share this video to show your support for Women Safety and Spread Awareness, Anyone’s Sister or Mother could be Victim, We so called MAN need to WAKE UP !


Last Week An Actual Incident Happened in Meerut, Where Single Girl Fought Alone with many Male goons and all the Bystanders shamefully kept standing and watching her fight alone, Not a Single person came to Help her.

ALL IT TAKES IS JUST ONE PERSON TO TAKE A FIRST STAND IN PUBLIC AND EVERYONE ELSE FOLLOWS. If you are scared to help a Person alone, who is getting Harassed or Molested in front of your eyes, Go to the Public who are standing and ask them to join you to stop it, As soon as even few people can get together, Molesters will Get Scared to their Bones and run out in seconds and will never Dare to Harass or Molest any women again.



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