The perception most people hold about dinosaurs is that these creatures are dangerous and if you ever come across one of them, you should run for your life. Most people assume that somehow because of their size, all dinosaurs are automatically a menace. However, that is not the case.

Although there are specific species of dinosaurs that can cause you harm, there are those known to be friendly. The most crucial thing that distinguishes a friendly dinosaur from a dangerous one is whether it is carnivore or herbivore. Herbivore dinosaurs have no interest in flesh and blood and are the least scary. The following list compiles some of the top friendly and most cute dinosaurs to have ever existed to help you select the best dinosaur costumes for adults to make your event unique.

1.      Yi

The name Yi Qi is mandarin for ‘strange wing.’ This dinosaur got this name due to its association with its skin membranes that act like wings. Yi qi belonged to a family of dinosaurs known as Scansoriopterygidae.

On average, Yi qi was one of the most miniature dinosaurs to exist, and they are famous for living in trees. Although their wings were not adapted to flight, Yi qi dinosaurs would benefit from the skin membrane by using it to glide down from treetops.

2.      Scutellosaurus

This species is thought to have existed about 176 million years ago. Scutolleosaurus got its name from its physical appearance that comprised of scutes. This adaptation is expected along the back of their bodies and in the sides.

Scutellosaurus had stronger hind limbs than forelimbs which were relatively more minor, making them adopt a bipedal stance. However, scientists argue that the forelimbs were strong enough to support bipedal movement occasionally. Scutellosaurus is thought to have been approximately 6.5 feet tall. The skull consisted of broad incisors pointing towards a herbivorous lifestyle.

3.      Compsognathus

Although the Compsognathus is a carnivore, it is a small-sized dinosaur almost the size of a turkey. The origin of Compsognathus is Europe. Scientists also discovered remains in areas around Germany and France.

Generally, scientists describe the Compsognathus as one of the cutest dinosaurs to have existed. This attribute is primarily due to its chicken-sized body with a height of about 70 centimeters long.

4.      Shuvuuia

Scientists discovered remains of this dinosaur that is thought to be one of the cutest to have ever existed in modern-day China. The Shuvuuia was relatively small compared to most dinosaurs, with an average height of about 60 centimeters.

Moreover, the Shuvuuia lived around 75 million years ago and have unique features called desert birds. This dinosaur had a small skull and could use its long thin jaw without involving its head. Shuvuuia forelimbs were small but very strong, enabling them to run very fast.

5.      Wannasaurus

The Wannasaurus was one of the cooled dinosaurs to exist. This species was first discovered in Wannan and is the reason Wannasaurus is another term for Wannan lizard. Although most of its remains were mainly partial, scientists used them to identify this species of dinosaur that existed about 80 million years ago.

The femur of Wannasaurus was approximately 8 centimeters, and the total height of this creature is thought to have been at least 60 centimeters. Although the Wannasaurus is primarily herbivore, it would occasionally consume insects to survive.

6.      Velociraptor

This miniature-sized dinosaur gets to 2.07 meters in height. The velociraptor only weighs 15 kilograms and is thought to have existed about 65 million years ago. This cute dinosaur is commonly seen in movies like Jurassic Park, and although its hands have strongly curved claws, the velociraptor is generally friendly. This dinosaur had approximately 28teeth in its mouth, and the skull was 25 centimeters on average.

7.      Stegosaurus

The most popular habitat of the stegosaurus is thought to have been areas around the United States and Portugal. This species existed over 155 million years ago and would dominantly feed on plants to survive. The stegosaurus is thought to be one of the friendliest dinosaurs ever.

Moreover, the physical characteristics of the stegosaurus were easily recognizable. These creatures had round backs and short tails with suspended tails. Filmmakers like portraying it in different works of art, including media platforms and you can also find several exhibitions of the stegosaurus in various history museums.

Make your event stand out by having dinosaur-themed costumes that will mesmerize your guests’ imagination. The above list can be vital in ensuring you remind people that not all dinosaurs were harmful.

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