Toddler saved by Motorcyclist Caught on Camera

A man was filmed jumping off his motorcycle to save a baby rolling down a steep road in a walker. In a video that has gone massively viral on social media, the man was seen riding his motorcycle when he noticed the toddler rolling down a steep slope at high speed while still secured to its walker

CCTV footage shows the motorcyclist acting quickly. Without wasting a moment’s time, he stops his bike in the middle of the road, shrugs off his bag and runs to catch the baby before it could roll further down the slope and hurt itself. Seconds after he managed to stop the speeding walker and save the toddler, a woman – presumably the child’s mother or caregiver – appears running at the scene

According to news outlet La Chiva, the incident occurred in the Rincon de la Estrella neighborhood of the city of Florencia, Colombia, on September 14. The video surfaced online last week and millions of social media users have since praised the motorcyclist’s courage and quick reflexes

The video has garnered over 1.7 million views. It has also made its way to Instagram and Facebook, where many have heaped praises on the motorcyclist.

So these are some of the reactions how people reacted over this viral video

According to news website La Prensa, the baby was not hurt in the incident.

Many of them are praising as a ” superhero ” and some says humanity still exits , he didn’t cared about his bike and bag ,He just cared about the baby

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