5 Tips to Crack IIT JEE with Coaching

Because IIT JEE has so much of significance, it becomes important for every aspirant to prepare for the entrance exam in a full proof manner. IIT JEE is conducted every year to give deserving students a chance to get admission into the prestigious IITs. It is one of the most demanding and reputed entrance exams that it is conducted to fill the seats of IITs, NITs, IIITs, ISM and other technical institutes. Students know the importance of studying in IIT and hence every year hundreds of thousands of them apply to write IIT JEE. These candidates fight for limited seats in these finest technical institutes of the country and the admissions are decided by college cut-offs and the candidates’ AIR.

This is the reason students have to work hard and get the desired college and the course. Even if they join JEE coaching classes, they have to self- study so that they have a better chance of clearing the JEE. Students can follow some tips mentioned below that will help them prepare in an extensive manner, thereby making them capable to crack the exam and get into IITs.

5) Know and understand the exam

The first and foremost thing to do before JEE preparation is, to understand the pattern of the both Mains and Advanced exams. It is important that you know the paper pattern and syllabus of JEE. This will help you prepare accordingly and avoid wasting time. When you join IIT JEE classes, the teachers will give you all the details regarding the IIT JEE, which will help you start your preparation according to the syllabus of all three subjects.

4) Sync your coaching class and home study schedule

When a tutor teaches you a topic in JEE coaching classes, you must study that topic as soon as you reach home. You should revise that topic and make important revision notes. You can always refer those hand-made notes when you study those topics in future. This will help you to get a grip on the topics and also you can get all your doubts cleared the next day when you attend the classes. Study the topics and solve the problems instantly to have in- depth knowledge of that topic.

3) Be Punctual

After you have joined IIT classes, you have to be punctual and attend the classes on time. You should reach the classes before it starts so that you have time to discuss problems and solutions with other students. You can also get your doubts get cleared quickly by your peers. After the classes, you must reach home soon so that you can take some rest and then continue with JEE preparation. Punctuality always pays in the long run as it becomes a habit and you become aware of the time.

2) Use Resources to simulate the exam

Your JEE coaching classes will provide you all the resources that will help in JEE preparation. The easiest and effective way of JEE preparation is to do mock tests on a regular basis. Most of the coaching institutes have online websites that contain all the required materials. They allow you to access those materials for better JEE preparation. You can design your tests by selecting desired syllabus and difficulty level for practice tests. You should put it to good use and keep doing the mock tests from websites. They also provide reference materials that can be helpful during the preparation. Completing mock tests will give you valuable experience and allow you to find your strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Focus on your weak topics

Even if you join IIT JEE classes, there are some instances when you struggle to understand some concepts and find it difficult to solve problems related to that topic. While you prepare for JEE, you would want to give some time to each and every topic even if you think you know them well. But to get the maximum score possible in JEE, you have to devote more time to the topics you are weak in. Make sure you concentrate more on those topics that will help you improve your score on the mock tests. You can take help from tutors of the Institute for any doubts or ask them to teach you again so you are not left behind. The weak areas can be found by assessing your practice tests.

The coaching classes will provide you with the best coaching for JEE preparation but even self-study is important if you want to beat the competition. The above- mentioned tips will help you to get the best of preparation to crack IIT JEE. Make sure you follow these points for getting the maximum from the efforts you put in.

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