This Pregnant Lady Stunned Every One By Running 10 KM Marathon In Chennai

Her name is Bhavani Sivam and she is seven months into her pregnancy! She has just successfully completed a 10 KM marathon effortlessly in just 1.29 hours.

Regarding her Marathon run she has said “I am not tired after the run, I feel completely fine” .

She has been running marathon for more than 3 years and her pregnancy hasn’t stopped her from running. Doctors had told her it was totally fine for her to continue her running. But however, when she told her family about 10 KM marathon, they where little skeptical about it.

“So many friends and family members asked me if it was safe or recommended, but after the initial hiccups I was able to convince all of them,” said Sivam.

Bhavani said the main reason why she decided to run is to break the traditional belief that pregnant women need complete bed rest.

Oh boy… hasn’t she broken this myth in a style!


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