Thinking of Starting a CBD Business? Here’s What You Need to Know

CBD is everywhere. What was once a niche compound of interest to academics has become a popular health supplement. Given its popularity, it’s no surprise that so many people are looking to start their own CBD-based business. If you are thinking of taking this route, here is what you need to know.

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of a number of compounds founds in the cannabis plant, collectively known as ‘cannabinoids’. Some cannabinoids have psychoactive effects, primarily THC, but Flawless CBD is not one of them.

What Can it Be Used For?

There are lots of claims made about the medical benefits of cannabidiol. There is a growing body of scientific evidence to support many of these claims, but others are more speculative. Before you start selling CBD, you should familiarize yourself with the science behind it. It’s not very complicated, so don’t worry if you’re not very confident with science.

CBD is increasingly being used as a painkiller by people who need chronic pain management but don’t want to take the risks of long-term opioid use.

CBD is also an effective anti-Semitic drug that treats nausea. Coupled with its painkilling properties, it is an increasingly popular choice for cancer patients who want to manage their pain, along with chemotherapy-induced nausea.

Is it Safe?

Yes. CBD is a very safe compound with no established overdose level. It also seems to have few if any interactions with other drugs, making it a perfect augmentation and adjunct to other treatment protocols.

Is it Legal?

Yes, although this is a little more of a gray area. In some parts of the US, all parts of the cannabis plant are illegal, which includes CBD. In practice, arrests and prosecutions for CBD possession are exceedingly rare, but they have been known to happen.

If your business ships CBD to customers, it is your responsibility to make sure that you don’t ship to any country or territory where CBD is illegal. In most of the world, you can sell CBD products like CBD oil tinctures or CBD softgels freely, but it is important for you to know where you won’t be able to sell it.

In some jurisdictions, CBD is only legal if it is produced from the hemp plant. Hemp is the male cannabis plant and produces only trace amounts of THC. The female cannabis plant produces much more THC, hence its use as a recreational drug.

In other places, the law only states that CBD products can contain no more than 0.2% THC. Again, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are stocking and selling CBD products legally.

How Can I Obtain CBD?

It is possible to make your own CBD extracts from the raw plant material if you have access to it. However, most commercial operations will work with wholesale distributors, like Cope CBD who are a white label CBD oil wholesale retailer supplying a number of businesses worldwide. Wholesalers sell the product in bulk, meaning you get a lower rate per unit.

It is important that you understand what CBD is, what it does, and what it doesn’t do. Selling CBD isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but it is definitely a viable foundation for a business.

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