Hey, a lottery is an entertainment game that is always loved by the majority of individuals. It is not only an art to bet the numbers. Besides, it has the potential to make you feel satisfied with various types of betting. For instance- a 2-digit lot, 3-digit bet, slip lot, parlay, etc. 

They provided a platform for collective action to foster positive social change. In Vietnam today, Thenyic is a site that helps the members specialize in sharing articles. The site also brings many other interesting articles for the viewers like- dream books, how to recognize a reputable lottery site, and a lot more.

Instructions on how to play Online lottery K8-

Here are few details regarding how to play the online lottery like- account registration, deposit withdrawal, and how to participate in promotions. For instance, let’s take lottery house k8 as an example.

  • Sign Up for an account on the k8 network-

An account is essential to start participating in the lottery games at the k8 dealers. It enables the dealer to monitor, and control the transactions for the participant. Follow these steps to register yourself for an online lottery.

  • Access the official website of the operating k8 dealer.
  • On the home page you will see the registration box located at the right corner of the screen. Select this option, and fill out the form completely. It will ask you about the information regarding your name, address, e-mail, phone, etc. Remember, that the password is 8-16 characters long. On the same token, your username must not exceed the maximum limit of 5-11 characters.
  • Confirm the age, and all terms, and conditions given by the dealer
  • Open an account, and agree to register
  • Finally, login, and enjoy the products offered by the dealer K8
  • Deposit, and withdraw money at the dealer K8-

K8 works online and offline, so its financial potential is strong enough. Follow these steps for depositing, and withdrawing money at the K8 dealer.


  • Log in to the K8 home page with the existing account.
  • The employee provides the manual lot which you can use to send money
  • Choose to deposit at the bank, or internet banking
  • Select the cashier item on the right corner of the screen
  • Fill in the required information such as payment method, deposit amount, date, and time
  • For confirmation, select next, and check transactions


  • Log in to the home page, and select the withdrawal item
  • Fill in the amount you want to withdraw. Enter your security code, and send the order
  • After the successful order the money will be transferred to your account in 2 hours.
  • Closing the number when typing online at the dealer K8- Here are some steps to close the number of online lottery games.

  1. Play the number of threads-
  • Select a specific topic in the rating section
  • Select the number of deals then press bet
  1. Play Backpack-
  • Select XSMB on the home page
  • Click at the place where you wish to enter the number. For the task, the dealer provides you 3 ways
  • Select the number of points, then press bet
  1. Play whirlwind- 
  • Select the main interface.
  • Enter Bingo data. Each specific batch is separated by symbols, or spaces
  • How to join a promotion- 

No issues whether you are new, old, VIP, or general individual. The bonuses are enjoyed by all without any discrimination. The ways of participation are as follows-

  • Log in to your account homepage
  • Before participating in promotion top-up your account
  • Start the bets to enjoy the offers. However, according to the rules.

Suggestions of what to hit when the problem is double

Double 00 – Hit the numbers 60, 52, 03, 87, Dual 11- 29, 01, 86, 18. On the same token, for DOUBLE 22- the numbers 54, 48, 45, 84 are to be preferred.

Here are the most commonly used pairs of numbers with the same name. Number 00 and 10 often appear together. Similarly, 51 and 15, 05 or 50, and 20 or 02 often appear together.

Why Online Lottery always lose?

Have you noticed that the majority of people always ask that why they lose while playing the lottery. No specific answer is available to this controversy. Some of the most common causes are as follows-

  • One of the main reasons is that many players focus on feelings, and emotions rather than strategy. 
  • The plot is highly unlucky as it is in the form of red, and black
  • Plots do not have a clear plan to allocate capital, and play indiscriminately. So, improper capital management is the other big issue
  • Unaware of bronchoscopy method
  • Unaware of the odds of winning in the lottery 

Summary of Top 3 Reputable online lottery pages-

K8- A rare bookmaker who owns a Pagcor operating license issued by the Philippine government. This much is enough to express their strong financial capacity. Currently, no Online lottery dealer can surpass them because-

  • It is a long-standing reputable bookmaker in the market
  • It provides outstanding service
  • The interface is user-friendly, and comfortable
  • Dafabet- It was a house established in 2004. Its members are not required to worry about fraud, or money detention issues. It is a common interface developed by GamePlay.
  • Five 88- The name has recently appeared. Their strategy was planned to grow in a short period with the maximum possible return.  Winning for their online lottery players are quite low. They offer a bonus of up to 20 Million. However, to withdraw it you are required to complete the big betting round.

Final Thoughts-

After a period of stressful work, games are included in the daily schedule of the majority of people. For entertainment, you can participate in online, and offline platforms. Its necessary to choose the perfect one for you that provides an unforgettable experience. For this purpose, Thenyic shares a lot of information for comparing online and traditional batches.

Thenyic enables you to compare the pros, and cons of an online, and traditional lottery.

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