All bookmakers cheat

Any absolute is always wrong. Modern bookmakers operate according to white schemes, which gives the player certain guarantees. It is enough to carefully approach the choice of a company so as not to bite your elbows in the future. 

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Top 5 Betting Stereotypes You Should Stop Believing:

Betting is not very difficult, it does not require any extra effort

Of course, one random win can be the result of even a quick and thoughtless bet, but if we are not talking about random wins, but about a stable income, then it will not be possible to achieve the desired result without significant time costs. Only a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to betting will allow you to achieve success, and this requires experience and certain skills that are not formed in a couple of days. 

Bet only on favorites

Another misconception that you may encounter is that it is safer to bet on favorites. In a certain context, this is true, but it is worth remembering that there are no win-win strategies. Every team will fail sooner or later. Every athlete has ups and downs. 

If you think solely from a financial point of view, then bets on favorites often do not justify themselves. The obvious advantage is reflected in the bookmaker’s line by low odds. Thoughtlessly betting on the strongest is simply not profitable – the better does not receive the expected profit even if he wins.

Sports analysts work for a bookmaker

The capper’s forecast does not give “immunity” from losing. But 2/3 of the players prefer to listen to analysts rather than take responsibility and make independent decisions. It is clear that in case of failure, they begin to blame sports experts, saying that they work only for the benefit of the betting company.

Inaccurate predictions of professionals are not the machinations of betting operators. They talk about the POSSIBLE outcome of the event, based on the available information about:

  • The format and location of the event;
  • Physical training of athletes;
  • Player motivations;
  • Results of previous matches;
  • Bookmakers do not chase bettors, but earn on margin. Moreover, it is unprofitable for them that users lose. Indeed, in this case, they may suspect the bookmaker of dishonesty and refuse its services.

Bookmakers block successful bettors

We will not argue that the cut limits and bans of successful players are a myth. But this happens infrequently and, as a rule, in unscrupulous betting shops. And sometimes blocking occurs due to the fault of the betters themselves, who:

  • Create several accounts on one site at once;
  • Trying to make money on arbitrage situations;
  • Use prohibited game strategies;
  • To avoid groundless blocking of your profile, register only in legal betting shops operating under licenses from reputable gambling commissions.

Risk is a noble cause

Just because a bidding strategy hasn’t worked two or three times in a row doesn’t mean it’s not working. This opinion is shared by professionals who are ready to work for the long term. But it was this approach that gave rise to the myth that a series of failures only increases the chances of winning in the future. This is partly true, but here it is necessary to clarify:

  • It is necessary to choose strategies with minimal risks;
  • The rule cannot be applied to absolutely any disciplines and betting options;
  • Inexperienced bettors cannot distinguish promising markets from obviously unprofitable ones.

If the chosen tactic does not bring benefits within a month, it needs to be adjusted or a different strategy should be preferred.

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