A man in Andhra Pradesh is counting the cost of not keeping his cash in the bank — after termites ate Rs 5 Lakh of his savings.

In the latest report of money being eaten up by termites, a businessman in Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna district kept his hard earned money locked in a trunk instead of a bank.

The incident took place at Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh where the businessman named Bijli Jamalayya received the shock of his life when he saw his money turned into pieces of scrap paper as termites ate into them, making large holes on the bundles of Rs 500 and 200 currency notes.

As a trader of pigs, Jambalaya used to stack the money in his trunk instead of using a bank as his business used to do the transaction in cash only.

The trader wanted to accumulate enough money to build a house and hence saved up about Rs 5 lakh in the trunk.

Later on, it was reported that the shattered small-time businessman took the scrap money and distributed it among the local children who were playing on the road.

When the neighbourhood children were seen roaming around with such huge sums of cash, the police were informed about the incident. Police later found out the origins of the cash upon investigation.

Earlier in a similar incident, an account holder in Gujarat’s Vadodara got the shock of his life after discovering that termites had feasted on his money kept in a locker.

As per the media reports, Rehna Qutubddin Desarwal, who hails from Vadodara in Gujarat, had kept notes amounting to Rs 2.20 lakh, in locker number 252, in Vadodara’s Bank of Vadodara. When he opened the locker, he was shocked to see the cash eaten up by termites.

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