Angry over the social distance being maintained by family members, a Covid-19 positive woman forcibly embraced her daughter-in-law to infect her.

The incident occurred at Nelimigutta Thanda in Telangana’s Rajanna Siricilla district.

The woman reportedly felt humiliated when she was quarantined at home and her daughter-in-law and grandchildren started maintaining social distance.

“My mother-in-law hugged me saying that I should also get infected with Covid-19. She was upset that I was maintaining a distance from her after she had tested positive,” the woman told the health officials as per a news portal. 

The younger woman refused to allow her two children to visit her mother-in-law and pushed her to get food from a designated place, which made the older woman feel discriminated against

It was reported that she suddenly hugged the young woman and said that “Do all of you want to live happily when I die? It is obvious she also intended that the daughter-in-law should be affected by Covid-19. 

On knowing the incident, her sister took her and the two children to her village Thimmapur in the same district. The woman is now undergoing treatment and is in isolation at her sister’s house.

About seven months ago, the woman’s husband had left for Odisha where he is working as an auto driver.

In addition to providing her with the medication required for her Covid-19 treatment, revenue department officials visited the house of the aggrieved daughter-in-law and said they are willing to assist her with her complaint.

“We told her that if she intended to pursue a case against her mother-in-law, she would be guided on what steps to take,” said an official.

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