In the moment of despair and agony Ananya decides to take her life, but what she doesn’t account for is the lifelong misery that her suicide pushes her parents into.

This film is a story of Ananya’s guilt over making her parents bear the horror of seeing their only child dead. Ananya speaks about how her suicide changed her otherwise lively father into lifeless man, who is so shocked at the visual of his hanging daughter that he hasn’t cried even once in the days since Ananya killed herself. She speaks of how her suicide broke her otherwise strong and independent mother into shards, all her mother does is shed tears over the memories of her dead daughter. Ananya tells story of a girl who killed herself in the moment of utmost hopelessness, it tells the story of regret, guilt and pain of the Soul of a girl who takes her life to relive herself out of the pain of her broken engagement.

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