Suchitra Krishnamoorthi claims a KwanRep asked her ‘to be seen at Karan Johar’s parties’ to make a comeback. The CEO of the Bollywood management agency was recently questioned by the NCB.

“Bollywood is largely silent on most things except when it becomes an I-scratch-your-back-and-you-scratch-mine-scenario,” Suchitra said as she spoke about the lack of any leading face speaking about the issue. She also claimed that when the film industry displays its social conscience, it is ‘agenda-driven’

Suchitra was speaking to India Today TV. Talking about her own experience with Kwan, she said that she was told to make appearances at Karan Johar’s parties if she wanted to make a comeback in films. “As I was talking to the book agent, this lady who also handles acting, she said that ‘ma’am why aren’t you acting’ and so I said my daughter is too small, and we will see. She said ‘no ma’am it’s easy and you just have to do a few things to come back into the limelight because you are too silent. One of the main things is that you need to be seen at Karan Johar’s parties’.”

Krishnamoorthi expressed concerns over the manner in which young actors might be guided in a similar way to do certain things in order to progress which might also include consuming drugs.

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