Story of A Beggar Who Is Studying Law In The Evening And Begs In The Day Time Will Leave You Speechless

Meet Shiv Singh from Jiapur, a 48 year old law student at Rajasthan University. You can see him begging at houses and shops in the day time, but as the clock strikes 3 at noon you will find him in a law class room at Rajasthan University with his torn bag full of law books.



We all take sick leaves or sometimes just to relax we take a holiday. But according to the Rajasthan University administration, Shiv Singh never take’s leave at all.
When a class is cancelled, we tend to go out for a movie or just chill in canteen right! Shiv Singh spends his time in the library studying when there is no lectures on any particular day.  Even his classmates say that they can’t believe Shiv Singh begs for a living when he is always seen in the classroom or library.



When asked, Singh says the once upon a time he too had a family with parents, wife and kids. His parents used to fund him for studying even though they used to do daily labour work. Singh pursued graduation from Government College in Gangapur. After then getting married, Singh could not get a job since his hands did not work. When his wife and kids left him alone, he had no option but to beg.

Soon Shiv Singh will be completing his studies and would become a lawyer and we want to wish him best of luck and proud to say that he has inspired many of us today. 


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