Seven people have died after drinking hand sanitizer in a village in Russia amid the devastation of the Corona epidemic. Two people are in coma and have been kept in ICU.

According to reports, these people drank the sanitizer after the liquor in the party ran out. The incident took place on Thursday in Tomtore village of Tatinsky, district of Yakutia province, Russia.

According to the media report, the 9 people involved in the party drank the sanitizer after the liquor ran out. This sanitizer contains about 69% methanol which is being used to clean hands during the epidemic.

According to an investigating officer of the area, poisoning was spread in his body by drinking sanitizer. Meanwhile, investigation of the entire case has also started and a criminal case has been registered. In the last few days, the Russian government has been issuing instructions to people not to drink sanitizer.

The first three victims were a 41-year-old woman and two men aged 59 and 28. They passed away on November 19.

The next day, another three more male victims — aged 28, 32, and 69 — passed away. The latest victim passed away on November 21.

The remaining two party goers who drank the hand sanitiser, which contained 69 per cent methanol, were last reported to be in the intensive care unit.

It appears that the lot had run out of alcohol and decided that hand sanitiser could be a substitute.And just in case it hasn’t been abundantly clear: Alcohol-based hand sanitiser is not a substitute for alcoholic beverages.

Ingesting hand sanitiser containing methanol can cause methanol poisoning.Symptoms of methanol poisoning include nausea, vomiting, blurry vision, and abdominal pain. The methanol can affect the central nervous system, causing a slowdown in brain activity.If left untreated, patients may go into a coma, encounter respiratory or circulatory failure, and even death.

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