With a personal statement, students help admission committees know the student behind an application. It is usually a short essay that carries personal information about graduate school candidate. The essay also explains why the candidate is applying for a certain program. Of course, test scores provide some information about a candidate. But, this information is usually not enough to determine if a candidate is fit for a program or not. The scores only show a part of a big picture. For graduate programs, what matters most is the person behind the scores. 

Personal statements give candidates a direct opportunity to speak to the admission committee. It is definitely a great opportunity. It determines if you get a chance to enroll in your dream program or not. This is why it is very important that students take time before writing a personal statement. It is important to prepare well. This way, you are able to gather needed information for a winning application. 

Self-examination helps in writing a good admission essay. Through self-examination, you can be able to create a unique personal statement. Remember there are thousands of students seeking an opportunity to join the same program. All these applicants cannot be absorbed since there are only limited opportunities. So, the best essay gets the opportunity. That is why; it is advisable even after going all this advice to seek the help of a writing service. Your personal statement should, therefore, be the best compared to other applicants. Through self-examination, you will be able to create a creative and interesting essay.

When assessing yourself, there are things that you will be able to identify. First, you will know yourself better. You will then determine if the program aligns with your ambitions. This is the only way of getting on the right track. You don’t want to rush this process. Take some good time examining yourself.

Take note of what motivates you. Describe your life ambitions. Explain your hopes after joining the graduate program. At this stage, all you are doing is brainstorming. Examine your personal history as much as possible. This way, you will be able to identify elements that will strengthen your personal statement. 

Self-examination will help you determine if you truly fit into the program you have chosen. It will also help you describe yourself better to the admission committee. Self-examination will help identify the best character traits to highlight in your essay. It can also help set life goals. 

Before you start writing your admission essay you will ask yourself several questions. The questions will help you understand yourself better. Some of these questions are; what are your objectives? What are you planning to pursue? Are the program goals aligned with your personal goals?  When you answer these questions, you will have an idea of what to include in your personal statement. 

After listing your answers, examine all that information. The fact is, the information you chose to present will determine if your application is accepted or not. So, settle on information that is highly likely to get you the opportunity. With this information, you can start making a draft. This will help you write a good personal statement. 

However, do your research about the program and know how to organize your essay if you want to win admission committee. Doing research about the chosen program will help you know the information the admission committee is looking for. This is important as it will help you tailor your essay to their expectations. It will also show that you are interested in the program and you are ready to learn more. 

Then, know how to structure your personal statement. You have come too far to allow poor structuring to hinder you from achieving your academic dreams. Learn how to structure an admission essay. If you don’t know how to do it ask help with essay writing. 

The personal statement should serve as a story that tells the admission committee about yourself and what you can offer. Introduce yourself properly and explain your potential. Through a careful self-examination, this should not be a problem. 

Additional tips

To write a good personal statement, consider the following tips.

  • Where applicable, read and follow the provided instructions. Some programs are specific in word count, format, submission method, and content. Read and understand these instructions. If you disregard any of them, you can be sure your application will be thrown away. 
  • Stay relevant. The focus should be on why you think you are qualified and fit for the program.
  • Seek advice from friends and families. They may help you determine which elements to highlight in your essay. Also, use these sources to get feedback about your personal statement. This will help determine if your essay is engaging and organized.
  • Lastly, revise and edit your essay. The personal statement carries a lot of weight. So, give it enough attention. Read through it to check for any errors before sending it. 

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