You might just think of them as smiling faces who politely ask you to put your bag underneath the seat in front of you, but flight attendants have a lot of information that the rest of us just aren’t privy to.

Come fly the skies with TheHub as we let you in on ten secrets that flight attendants don’t want you to know. You might think that first class is all about luxury, with the extra legroom and boarding time. However, you might be surprised to learn that it’s the worst possible place to be in case of a crash.

If you’ve ever silently cursed at whoever prepared your bland in-flight meal, you should know that there are actually some scientific reasons that the food you eat on a plane tastes less than stellar. We’ll also tell you the places on a plane to avoid if you’re worried about germs, and some of the sources of bacteria are rather surprising.

Speaking of germs, you’re going to want to stick to bottled water for your flight, and definitely take a pass on the ice. You’re probably pretty familiar with the safety lecture given by flight attendants prior to takeoff, but there are safety measures being done behind the scenes by your pilots.

Some of them affect you as well, such as when the cabin lights dim. During your trip to the bathroom, you might be surprised to learn that the door isn’t as secure as you’d like to think it would be.

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