SACRED GAMES fame Anil Charanjeett ‘s short film THE LAST AUDITION

Anil Charanjeett is slowly but effectively climbing the ladder of success. After gathering appreciation for his performance in Sacred Games, Anil has blew everyone’s mind with his outstanding performance  in a short film The Last Audition directed by Krishan Hooda. T

 The Last Audition describes the life of a struggling actor Anand Kumar played by Anil Charanjeet. Anand Kumar, is a struggling actor consumed by the struggle. The attempt to land a role, and the effects of the audition take over his life. He live, breathes, sleeps this process. In this obsessed role, does Anand land himself the ticket to stardom? Or does this obsession lead to his ruin? A dark tale of one’s life when you cannot differentiate life and camera!

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