Real Life 8 Scary Dolls And Their History Will Not Let You Sleep Tonight!

Dolls are loved by one and all. Those cute little creatures add to a lot of positivity, agree? For kids, especially girls, dolls make the best gift option. What if we tell you that there are some dolls that bring terror? Would you believe us? Today, we have come up with a list of 8 dolls that are haunted! The history of these dolls will send chills down your spine. Keep readin.


Katja is a cursed doll! This name was given by Tsar Mistresses in Russia in 1730. A mistress was pregnant and wished for a baby boy; the opposite happened and the baby girl was burnt alive. It was said that the baby girl had some defect.

When this happened, the baby’s mom made a doll from the baby’s ashes and mixed the same with ceramic and porcelain. After that, all generations have guarded the doll because they believe it’s cursed. Some people say that when you stare at it for 20 seconds, it blinks at you. In fact, this is a sign of something bad happening. The doll was up for sale on eBay but soon, the company closed the thread because some weird incidents were reported.

7. Okiko

This doll is said to be possessed by the spirit of a girl named Okiko. Yes, Eikichi Suzuki (17) had purchased this doll for his 2 year old sister Okiku from a street in Japan. A year later, Okiku died due to cold. Family members said that since Okiko loved her doll, it got possessed by her spirit. After the family moved away, the doll was kept in a temple in Japan and it’s said that its hair grows automatically. Even though the hair is trimmed on regular basis, it keeps growing.

6. Christina

Christina is a peaceful doll but the moment you mess with her, you are gone. The owner who purchased the doll on eBay says that some unusual paranormal activity is noticed in her eye. When too many photos are taken, the series of photos changes automatically. Apart from that, she is known for changing her positions. There’s something wrong with the knots in her hair too; even though all the knots are removed, her hair gets tangled the next day.

5. Mercy

The owner of Mercy is Sherrie Khun, the paranormal investigator. She bought Mercy from an eBay seller and since then, she started experiencing negativity. One fine day, the radio in the room randomly turned on; not only this, Sherrie and her husband also found Mercy off her shelf i.e. on her feet. This was surely a horrifying moment! According to Sherrie, a 7 year girl has possessed this doll and since it’s evil, she has kept it isolated.

4. Pupa

Pupa was a doll that had real human hair. The owner had received this doll when she was a child and it was with her till she died i.e. in 2005. After the owner passed away, the family noticed unusual and strange things happening with the doll. Pupa was seen moving in the display case; the family also said when they went near the case, they used to hear the noise of glass tapping. Even the doll’s hands and legs were found pressed against the glass of the case. It is said that the doll wanted to move out from there.

3. Mandy

This crack-faced doll used to do something that you can’t even think of. Well, the lady who owned Mandy gave it to a museum in the year 1991. While giving it away, she narrated this spine-chilling story. The woman told that she used to hear cries of a baby at midnight; she believed that there were some unusual powers in the doll. Yes, the windows near the doll used to open automatically. Every time, some or the other unusual experiences were recorded .

2. Robert

This story of this doll Robert will give you shivers. Robert Eugene Otto owned this doll and he had got it as a gift from a Bahamiam servant who was an expert in Black Magic. The doll used to speak, can you imagine? Yes, Eugene’s parents once heard him talk to the doll and were frightened when the doll actually replied back. Firstly, they thought that it’s a prank, but later, they realized that it’s the doll that’s

1. Annabelle

The history of this doll dates back to 1970; a mom purchased this Raggedy Anne doll for her daughter but she never knew that it would be such a dangerous experience. Her daughter Donna started noticing weird things. The doll used to move on its own and change the room often. So scary! Imagine you placing the doll in the bedroom and finding it in the hall! When Donna’s mom contacted the priest, she got to know that there was a paranormal connection. As of now, the doll is placed in an occult museum in a glass case. Still, the doll is found in strange places.


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