The truth is that photos bring back memories of the long-gone life events, which causes excitement and the fuzzy feeling everyone needs during a break from work. Photos are precious belongings that are treasured by many. Many people would rescue their photo album in the event their house is burning down. Photography is one of the oldest arts dating back to 1826, where Joseph Nicephore Niepce took the world’s first photograph in France. Over time, the photographic scene has seen enhancements that have led to the introduction of more elaborate and fancy instruments such as the famous view master discs

Did we mention the View-Master? Yes, this is a hallmark name in the stereoscope photographic scene with its corresponding view master discs or better-known view master reels. Today, these are considered a perfect collectible sheer in nostalgia and are readily available at fair prices. While the view master was a boost to stereoscopic photography, this art’s inception was in 1830 by a man referred to as Sir Charles Wheatstone. 

Modern Age Stereoscopic Photography

Though specially modified stereo lenses are primary in creating stereoscopic images, modern photographers have found ways to make these images using digital cameras. One example of a somehow stereoscopic image was shot by a photographer based in New York called Torres Ignacio in the making of his Stellar series. Torres used to take the picture through quick succession shots of 4 photos, which he later combined. 

Although this could not give a typical stereoscopic image, it created something with a 3D effect. Torres’s approach is that the image was an animated GIF that could not portray the same frames on a piece of paper like the old stereoscopic images. This makes it a digital generation since it will only show the effect when posted on digital frames.

Making a Stereoscope

As much as the stereoscopic images may sound complicated, creating them is relatively easy. Additionally, one could create his/her stereoscope to make the work simpler. The following are items needed to make this project a success;

  • A pair of reading glass ( high magnifying power of between 3.0 to 3.5)
  • A smaller machine screw
  • Temples

With all these items, one can easily make a stereoscope when he/she follows the guidelines set to the latter. These are the steps to follow when coming up with a stereoscope;

  • Cut the glass into two and smooth the edges of each using a grinder or file. Make sure the final product gets rounded.
  • Take the temples and cut them half past the hinge, and drill holes on the rest. Make sure that the holes are big enough to fit the machine screw.
  • Screw-in the machine screw.

Regardless of whether the picture is stereoscopic or not, photography has become part of many people’s lives. Technology has also made it easier to access cameras since developers integrate high dimensional cameras, even on phones. One can download applications to aid in the creation of the stereoscope images on his/her phone. Viewing images has never been so fun.


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